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Fulbright Irish Scholar Awards

What are they?

What are they?

Irish Award applications are now closed. 2023-2024 Irish Awards applications will open in August 2022.

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The Fulbright Irish Scholar Awards are grants for Irish citizens, or E.U. citizens resident in the Republic of Ireland for 5+ years, to complete postdoctoral or professional research or lecturing for a period of 3 months up to 1 year. Applicants can choose one of the following four categories of Fulbright Scholar Awards:

  1. Lecturing: If the primary purpose of the project is to teach or team-teach at least one full semester course. Applicants will be required to submit course syllabi.
  2. Research: If the primary purpose of the project is to conduct research. Applicants will be required to submit a research bibliography
  3. Lecturing/Research: If the project will include significant portions of both lecturing and research as defined above. Candidates will be required to outline both activities in their project statement, as well as submit course syllabi and a research bibliography
  4. The Fulbright-HRB HealthImpact Award allows professionals to undertake research or professional development

What Awards are Available?

Fulbright Irish Scholar - All Disciplines Awards are open to scholars and academics from all disciplines, except clinical medical studies.

The following Fulbright sponsored scholar awards are also available:

Fulbright-Creative Ireland Professional Fellowship for professionals with seven years' experience in the cultural sector.

Fulbright-Creative Ireland Museum Fellowship Exploratorium to complete short-term research at the Exploratorium, San Francisco.

Fulbright-Enterprise Ireland Award in all fields that will develop new technologies and processes and ultimately may lead to job creation and increased exports.

Fulbright-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Award in the areas of water, climate, and sustainability.

Fulbright Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) Award in geoscience. This includes but is not limited to geological and marine mapping, geological processes, Earth observation, groundwater, raw materials and minerals, public perception of Earth resources.

Fulbright Health Research Board (HRB) HealthImpact Awards to undertake research or professional development in any area of Health. Applications from health professionals, senior health research administrators, health research managers and researchers are welcome, particularly in the areas of research management in a healthcare setting, development & implementation of institutional health research strategies, public and patient involvement in health research, health services and health systems research, implementation research, and health research policy.

Fulbright National University of Ireland Scholar Award for National University of Ireland (NUI) graduates to complete post-doctoral or professional research and/or lecturing.

Fulbright Awards for Professionals the general scholar awards & a number of sponsored scholar awards are open to non-academic professionals with relevant experience.

Fulbright-National Archives Heritage Science Fellowship for researchers or professionals in heritage science or related technical fields. A  Master’s degree is required, but PhD or equivalent professional experience is preferred. Advanced Doctoral researchers completing dissertation projects related to heritage science are eligible to apply.

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