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Fulbright Program in Ireland

The Fulbright Program in Ireland was established in 1957 and was initially administered by An Bord Scoiláireachtaí Cómhalairte (The Scholarship Exchange Board).

In 1988 a bilateral agreement was signed between Ireland and the U.S. and in 1991 the Ireland-United States Commission for Educational Exchange (The Fulbright Commission) was established.

The Fulbright Commission in Ireland annually awards grants for Irish citizens to study, research, or teach in the U.S. and for Americans to do the same in Ireland. Since its formation over 2,500 postgraduate students, scholars, professionals, and teachers have participated in the program between the U.S. and Ireland.

The Fulbright Commission in Ireland is a bilateral partnership supported by the U.S. Department of State and the Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs. It is also a registered charity. Its funding is derived from Irish and U.S. governments, higher education institutions, public agencies, organizations and donations.

The Fulbright Commission in Ireland is governed by an eight-person Board and has five staff members. You can read our Data Privacy Policy here. You can read the Grant Agreement between The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and The Fulbright Commission 2019 here: DCHG Grant Agreement 2019


The mission of the Ireland-United States Commission for Educational Exchange is to fortify Irish and American collaboration through exchanges of talent, knowledge and scholarship.


The vision of the Commission is to inspire minds to create a global culture of understanding and solidarity by nurturing academic and professional excellence, expertise and leadership.



In 2019 Fulbright updated it's branding internationally. The focus was to visually represent international educational and cultural exchange, a global network, lasting connections and a complex and changing world. The Irish Commission has adapted the logo to highlight the exchange and engagement between Ireland and the USA.

If you are a sponsor or partner, please update all materials relating to the Fulbright Commission in Ireland with this new logo.



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