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Fulbright Irish awards

Going to the USA

The 2025-2026 Fulbright Irish Awards application period will open on 29 August 2024.

The Fulbright Awards provide grants for Irish citizens, and E.U. citizens resident in the Republic of Ireland for 5+ years, to research, study, or lecture in the USA.

There are five types of Fulbright grants available to Irish and E.U. citizens:

Our Fulbright Campus Ambassadors can offer advice to applicants.

The Commission also provides non-Fulbright grants for undergraduate students to travel to the USA:

Fulbright Irish Awards Application Process

There are four stages to the Fulbright Irish Student and Scholar Award Application process:

  1. Pre-screen staff review: Immediately after the application deadline, all applications are checked for completeness, eligibility and discipline areas by Fulbright staff.
  2. Review: Each application is assigned to three Reviewers based on discipline fit.  Application review will comprise of average scores, recommendation and comments. This panel evaluates applications for Academic Achievement To-date, Project Statement (60%), Requirement to be US Based and Fulbright fit (leadership and cultural engagement) (40%). A minimum threshold will be established based on standard of applications each cycle.
  3. Interviews: The Interview shortlist is compiled by based on review panel scores. The interview panel interviews each candidate for approximately 25 mins. This panel evaluates applications for their project statement (explained in a non-expert manner), academic achievement to-date'(40%), applicants 'Fulbright Fit' (cultural engagement and Leadership and Impact (60%). Final recommendations will be made by the Interview panel based on Interview scores and, where relevant Review comments or scores.
  4. Final Selection: Principle and alternate candidates are chosen by the Commission Awards Committee after review of recommendations, scores and comments compiled by the interview panel. This may also include other data gathered at the review stage of the selection Commission Board approves or adjusts recommendations. U.S. Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board make final approval.

PLEASE NOTE: The Fulbright Commission will share with you, upon written request, feedback on your selection or non-selection. The cut-off point for 2024-25 feedback requests is 31st March 2024.


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