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What are they?

What are they?

The Fulbright U.S. Student Awards are grants for U.S. citizens to complete postgraduate research or study over the course of one year in Ireland.

There are six different types of grants available for students interested in coming to Ireland on a Fulbright Award.

The available grants are as follows:

Fulbright Open Study/Research Award

  • Must secure own affiliation at Irish institution.
  • Open to all disciplines.
  • Maximum grant of €16,500-€17,500.

Fulbright Dublin City University Taught Masters Program

  • Must secure admission to a Taught Masters at either the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, or the Business School at Dublin City University.
  • Maximum stipend of €16,500-€17,500 plus a tuition waiver.

Fulbright Hugh Lane Gallery Curatorial Award

  • Must include an initial letter of affiliation in application
  • Maximum stipend of €20,000

Fulbright Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland PhD Scholarship Award

  • Must secure affiliation with RSCI
  • The award will include an €18,500 stipend, relocation costs, consumables costs and student fees waived.

Fulbright University College Dublin Taught Masters Program

  • Must secure admission to a Taught Masters at the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Business, the College of Engineering & Architecture, the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences, the College of Social Sciences and Law or the College of Science at University College Dublin
  • Maximum stipend of €16,500-€17,500 plus a tuition waiver

Fulbright University College Cork Masters In Creative Writing Award

  • Applicants will need to apply for admission to the Masters in Creative Writing as per University College Cork’s admissions procedures. Applicants are not expected to have proof of acceptance onto the Masters in Creative Writing programme by the time of submission of their Fulbright application.
  • Maximum grant of €16,500-17,500 plus a tuition waiver.



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