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Tracy Frank

Dr Tracy D. Frank is a professor and the Schultz Chair in Stratigraphy in the Department Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a sedimentologist and geochemist who uses chemical and textural signatures in ancient sedimentary rocks to reconstruct past variations in Earth’s climate, environment, and oceanography over a broad range…

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Petronela Radu

Dr Petronela Radu is an Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she conducts research in partial differential equations and other areas of applied mathematics. She will conduct research and teaching activities at Trinity College Dublin. She will also disseminate ideas about project-based education in mathematics and the course Math in the City that she…

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Lim Nguyen

Dr Lim Nguyen is an Associate Professor based at the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In Ireland Dr. Nguyen will be based at the Research Institute for Networks and Communications Engineering (RINCE) in Dublin City University. Dr. Nguyen will lecture and undertake a research project in the area of, ‘Spread…

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