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Adriana Bunea

Adriana Bunea is a Fulbright-Schuman Awardee and is completing her PhD in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. Adriana will be a Fulbright Schuman research scholar at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,…

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Ciara McGrath

Ms Ciara McGrath is a PhD candidate at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where she also completed her Masters Degree in Aeromechanical Engineering. Ciara will go to MIT as…

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Marie Hyland

Ms Marie Hyland is a Fulbright-Schuman Student Awardee. As a PhD candidate in Energy Economics at Trinity College Dublin, Marie will research electricity market design and explore how regulatory changes…

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Thomas Keating

Thomas Keating, a Fulbright -Schuman Awardee, is a PhD candidate at the University of Limerick. Thomas’s research focuses on US-EU relations and how policies are affected by the decisions, perceptions, beliefs and values…

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Aine Kelly

Dr Aine Mahon is an Irish Research Council postdoctoral fellow in the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin. She will undertake research on Stanley Cavell and Contemporary American Fiction…

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Catarina Marvao

Catarina Marvao is the recipient of a Fulbright – Schuman Award which promotes research and teaching in EU – US studies. Catarina is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin. She will…

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