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  • Master of science/engineering PhD
  • Student
  • Ireland to U.S.
  • Masters or PhD Program
  • For Irish/E.U. Citizen


NOTE: Apply through Irish Student ALL Disciplines Award and advise there of your application to University of Southern California.

The Fulbright Commission and the University of Southern California (USC) are offering opportunities for Irish students to travel to the U.S. and undertake a USC Master of Science program in an engineering or computer science discipline, or an engineering PhD program in a broad range of disciplines, including: biomedical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science.

USC offer partial tuition waivers for successful Fulbright Awardees undertaking Master of Science Programs in engineering or computer science. They will offer full financial support for successful Fulbright Awardees undertaking engineering or computer science PhD Programs. The Fulbright Commission is seeking excellent applicants with strong leadership potential and a commitment to the ethos of being a Fulbrighter.


  • Must be an Irish Citizen, or an E.U. citizen who has lived in the Republic of Ireland for 5+ years.
  • Masters applicants must be prospective postgraduates student with a background in engineering, mathematics, science or relevant subject.
  • PhD applicants should have demonstrated research experience, and, if admitted, will work closely with his/her professor conducting research.
  • Must possess strong leadership qualities / potential and a clear understanding of what it means to be a Fulbrighter.
  • Must not be a dual U.S.-Irish citizen, green card holder, or currently living in the U.S.
  • Must not already have extensive experience of studying or living in the U.S.


NOTE: Apply through Irish Student ALL Disciplines Award and advise there of your application to University of Southern California.

-> Closed for applications

We will then issue you the link to the online application system and the guidelines.

You must also apply and be accepted to USC for their Masters Program or PhD Programs.


  • For Master of Science Programs, USC will provide a tuition waiver of $30,000 for successful Fulbright Applicants.
  • For Viterbi PhD Programs, USC will provide a stipend of $32,000 annual stipend, plus tuition and health insurance for successful Fulbright Applicants.
  • The Fulbright Program will provide a monetary grant, plus accident and emergency insurance, cultural and professional programming, and J-1 visa administration.


  • Successful applicants must comply with the two-year home rule i.e. awardees will not be eligible for U.S. residency or a visa until the two-year home rule in Ireland is complete.
  • For Program queries contact Camillia Lee, Assistant Dean of Graduate Admission at camillia.lee@usc.edu
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