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OUR Alumni

Dove Wimbish

Award: Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Institution: University of South Florida

Year: 2022

Dove Wimbish (she/her) is a Doctoral Candidate and graduate research assistant at the University of South Florida. She was awarded the 2020 National Council on Workforce Education (NCWE) John Jacobs Scholarship for outstanding scholarship in the field of workforce education, the 2021 USF LGBT Alumni Association Scholarship for critical research in gender diversity, and the 2015 GTE Community Impact Award. In addition to presenting at many conferences herself, she has been a peer reviewer, chair and discussant for the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the NCWE and the Southeast Women and Gender Studies Association (SEWSA) conferences and a sponsored guest of the OUT & Equal Workplace Summit 2020 and Transgender Information Empowerment Summit 2020. Her qualitative research focuses primarily on the workforce training experiences of culturally marginalized and gender diverse students in post-secondary vocational, higher education, and workforce institutions, on critical diversity issues surrounding the training of teachers, and on school and workplace training policies which protect and fail to protect students and workers. As a Fulbright scholar at the European Centre for the Study of Hate at University Limerick, Dove will conduct ethnographic collaborative research which builds on the body of knowledge surrounding Irish transgender and gender diverse equit y praxis in education and create a feasible proposal of tools for teacher preparation that addresses the transgender/ gender diverse disparity inherent in student and teacher preparation in workforce education programs. The end goal is to facilitate, create and collaborate with others in educational research associations and institutions in Europe and the US in hopes of stimulating multinational policy interventions.

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