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OUR Alumni

Vera O’Riordan

Award: Fulbright-EPA (Student)

Institution: University College Cork

Year: 2021

Vera O’Riordan is a PhD student in Energy Engineering at the School of Engineering, University College Cork. She completed his BSc in Energy Engineering at the University College Cork in 2019, during which she interned as a Building Services Engineer, and spent a year studying at the University of California, Davis. Her doctoral research is based at Marine and Renewable Energy Institute with the Energy Policy and Modelling Group and focuses on low-carbon pathways for passenger transport in Ireland. As a Fulbright-EPA Student Awardee, Vera will visit Tufts University and the Stockholm Environment Institute where she will explore the use of an energy systems modelling tools developed there, and work on developing transport policy insights for Ireland based on these modelling tools.