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OUR Alumni

Tom Felle

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar-in-Residence (S-I-R Award)

Institution: University of Galway

Year: 2023

Tom Felle is an Associate Professor of Journalism at the University of Galway. He has a diverse background in journalism, having worked as a journalist and foreign correspondent for various publications in Ireland, the UK, Brussels, Sydney and Beirut for more than a decade before transitioning into academia. He was formerly based at City, University of London, and since 2018 has worked as Head of the Department of Media at Galway.
His research interests encompass digital news, verification, data-driven journalism, “fake news” and disinformation, and democracy-related topics such as trust, transparency, and accountability. He has provided advice and testimony to national governments and the EU, and collaborated with the United Nations migration agency, IOM, as the lead academic partner for the Global Migration Media Academy from 2020-2022. He has authored or edited five books.
As Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence he will work on creative writing, journalism, and internationalisation projects with ELAC in Los Angeles, CA.

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