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OUR Alumni

Timothy Poisson

Award: Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Institution: Dartmouth College

Year: 2023

Timothy Poisson is a recent creative writing Mastera€™s degree graduate from Dartmouth College. He was awarded an open research grant in affiliation with Trinity College Dublin. A writer and artist of graphic novels and radio plays under the pen name Tim Fish, the latest book he co-created, Liebestrasse, was named on the American Libraries Associationa€™s official list of best graphic novels for adults in 2022. His research will focus on historic and cultural trends in Irelanda€™s diversity, equity, and inclusivity in contrast to that of the U.S. His research will form the foundation for several creative projects, including a graphic novel and a radio play. His aim is to engage readers and audiences in challenging topics to consider new perspectives through entertainment. In addition to research and writing, Tim will co-teach the graduate seminar a€˜Consuming Historya€™ at TCD.