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OUR Alumni

Stephanie Joyce

Award: Fulbright Irish Student Award

Institution: Maynooth University

Year: 2022

Stephanie is a final year German and Irish language student at Maynooth University. She aspires to become an educator, actively working to improve the Irish education curriculum by making it more inclusive towards marginalized groups. Given Ireland’s increasing diversity, her ultimate goal is to develop training programs that equip primary and secondary school teachers to effectively engage with various ethnicities and cultures.

Stephanie has worked in a wide range of educational settings to give her a deeper understanding of the many management systems and curricula across all levels of education throughout Europe, therefore, preparing her for postgraduate study. She has most recently worked with Quality and Qualifications Ireland as a Student Quality Assurance Reviewer, Specialist Support Advisor at Maynooth University College Connect, NStEP Student trainer, and a research assistant at Maynooth University.

Building on these experiences, in 2022, Stephanie will pursue a Masters of Education / Teaching credential program at The University of California, Berkeley. This Masters degree puts an emphasis on embarking on a continuous journey of naming and interrupting systems of oppression, including white supremacy, settler colonialism, patriarchy, ableism, and heteronormativity, and centering the knowledges, values, and experiences of marginalized communities.

Stephanie’s master’s degree is funded by The George Moore Scholars, The Ireland Funds, Fulbright, The Raj Kumari Memorial Fund for Aspiring Teachers, The PDST fund, The Kerri and Mark Lubin Teaching Fellowship, The Ruth Johnson Scott Scholarship Fund, and a UC Berkeley fellowship.

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