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OUR Alumni

Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh

Award: Fulbright Irish FLTA Award

Institution: Mary Immaculate College

Year: 2017

Dr Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh graduated from Mary Immaculate College with a first class honours degree in the Liberal Arts. He went on to write his Master’s thesis on Irish lexicography which was published by Coisceim under the title Focail agus Focloireacht T. O’Neill Lane (2013). He co-founded Meanmanra, a psychology and philosophy conference with proceedings published at the conference’s second edition. Seaghan has worked as an Irish tutor at UL, as a visiting Irish Language Scholar at Concordia University, and was recently awarded a PhD in Irish folklore from MIC. As a Fulbright FLTA, he will teach the Irish Language and takes courses at the University of Notre Dame.

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