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OUR Alumni

Robert Conway Kenny

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Year: 2022

Dr. Robert Conway-Kenny is currently the Science and Technology Programme Manager for the RDS, one of Ireland’s longest established philanthropic organisations. He received a B.A. (Mod) in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2013, before undertaking a Ph.D. in the Chemistry of Molecular Materials at the same institution. Most recently, Robert was a Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin, where his self-directed research focused on the development of transition metal systems as potent light-activated anti-cancer therapeutic agents. Robert has considerable experience in STEM outreach, and is an award-winning science communicator and lecturer.
As a Fulbright Irish Scholar at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech in California, Robert will assist the development of infrared sensors for the multi-location detection of methane on Mars. A greater understanding of the presence of methane in the Martian atmosphere will help researchers answer a curious question – how is it even there?!

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