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OUR Alumni

Pierpaolo Dondio

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Institution: TU Dublin

Year: 2022

Dr Pierpaolo Dondio is a lecturer in Computer Science at TU Dublin.He has a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and extensive industry experience at IBM and AON. His main interests are intelligent systems and game-based learning. In 2019 he founded Happy Maths (www.happymaths.games), a multi-disciplinary project on the effects of digital game-based learning on Maths learning in primary schools, with a specific attention to pupils affected by Maths anxiety. The project has engaged with more than 1200 students and 50 primary school classes.

He is leading the ‘Intelligent Games Lab’, a research unit at TU Dublin funded by SFI and TUD investigating the application of AI to game design and analysis. His Fulbright project investigates how digital games can be used to detect and treat math anxiety. He will be hosted by Prof. Susan Levine (Cognitive Lab, University of Chicago) and Dr. Ian Lyon (Math Brain Lab, Georgetown University).

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