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OUR Alumni

Natalie McEvoy

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Sponsor: NUI

Institution: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Year: 2023

Dr Natalie McEvoy is a StAR Research Lecturer in Critical Care Nursing based in the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Natalie’s clinical experience is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nursing. Natalie has worked on several COVID-19 related research studies, including the first approved clinical trial in Ireland to test a therapy for COVID-19. Natalie is an Irish Research Council Awardee and was awarded her PhD by the RCSI School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2022. Natalie’s PhD focused on pressure ulcer detection among ICU patients using biomarkers to detect inflammation.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Natalie will travel to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to undertake a research study which aims to develop an ICU-specific dashboard that explores the relationship between patient needs and nurse staffing with the goal of optimising patient, nurse, and system outcomes.

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