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OUR Alumni

Nana Gletsu-Miller

Award: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award

Institution: Purdue University

Year: 2019

Nana Gletsu Miller, is currently an Associate Professor of Nutrition Science at Indiana University School of Public Health.  She obtained a PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism from University of Alberta.  The vision of her research program, called Nutrition Interventions Targeting Obesity “The NITO Lab”, is to evaluate nutritional solutions to promote the health of individuals undergoing clinical management of obesity and diabetes.  Her current studies involve investigating the mechanisms responsible for iron deficiency after bariatric surgery as well as identifying effective and safe treatment strategies.  Her laboratory also collaborates with colleagues at Indiana University School of Medicine, on a behavior modification diabetes prevention program, called Dietary Intervention for Glucose Tolerance In Teens (DIGIT), to reverse the risk of youth-onset type 2 diabetes in adolescents.  As a Fulbright Scholar, she and colleagues, Neil Docherty and Carel le Roux at University College Dublin, will conduct research on the effects of iron supplementation in patients who have had bariatric surgery.

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