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OUR Alumni

Melissa Ann Geller

Award: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award

Institution: University of Minnesota

Year: 2024

Melissa Ann Geller, MD, MS, FACOG, is a tenured Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health and the Division Director of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Minnesota (UMN). She also serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Research at the UMN Masonic Cancer Center. Dr. Geller leads multiple investigator-initiated and national cooperative group clinical trials, focusing on intraperitoneal (IP) delivery of natural killer (NK) cells and other immune-based therapies for recurrent ovarian cancer. Her research, funded by the NIH and the Department of Defense, aims to enhance NK cell efficacy by manipulating the ovarian cancer tumor microenvironment. As a Fulbright scholar at the University of Galway, she will collaborate with Irish colleagues to refine and scale the IP catheter device for human clinical trials. This project aims to significantly improve treatment outcomes for ovarian cancer patients.

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