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OUR Alumni

Martin H. Jones

Award: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award

Sponsor: University College Dublin

Institution: University of New Mexico

Year: 2021

Dr. Martin H. Jones researches how social influences affect students’ learning experiences, especially among underrepresented populations. As a Fulbright Scholar in the spring of 2022, Dr. Jones will work alongside colleagues at University College Dublin to implement social network analyses in the Children’s School Lives Study. Results will help demonstrate how peer relationships impact children’s wellbeing for both migrant children and children with special educational needs. Data will also help identify school, family, and student factors that can help support social inclusion in Irish schools. Dr. Jones is currently an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of New Mexico. He received his doctorate from Indiana University, Bloomington and holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies education from Purdue University.

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