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OUR Alumni

James Marcin

Award: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award

Year: 2022

As a physician researcher interested in pediatric telehealth, it will be my honor and privilege to collaborate with the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) to share in the design, implementation, and academic evaluation of current and planned telehealth services provided to children in Ireland. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of telehealth models in healthcare and now is the time to reimagine how pediatric healthcare can and should be delivered using these new technologies. As part of this award, I will provide lectures and workshops to students, researchers, and faculty on the a€œbest practicesa€ of pediatric telehealth as well as share and implement telehealth educational materials for medical trainees. Together, we will advance operations and scholarship on how telehealth can be used to provide high quality and cost-effective care that is family-centered and respectful of the values of patients, families, and communities. This award will advance knowledge and procedures in pediatric telehealth across communities and improve lives in both Ireland and the United States.

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