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OUR Alumni

Kerron Ó Luain

Award: Fulbright Irish FLTA Award

Institution: Queen's University Belfast

Year: 2018

Dr Kerron O Luain graduated from NUIG with a BA in Irish and History and an MA in history, and completed a PhD in history with Queens University Belfast. His thesis addressed popular Catholic mentalities between the Young Ireland Rising of 1848 and the Fenian Rising of 1867. Since completing his doctorate he has been published in a number of historical journals and worked in DCU on digital humanities projects such as duchas.ie, as well as tutoring history in UCD. Kerron is heavily involved in campaigning for Irish language rights and teaches Irish to adult learners within the community. Recently, he gave evidence before a joint committee in Leinster House on the new Irish Language Act and he will soon be acting as historical consultant for a TG4 documentary on the Fenians. During his Fulbright FLTA Award he teach the Irish language and take classes at Villanova University.

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