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OUR Alumni

Kamini Singha

Award: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award

Institution: Colorado School of Mines

Year: 2019

Dr Kamini Singha is the Ben Fryrear Endowed Professor for Innovation and Excellence at the Colorado School of Mines. Her research interests are focused in hydrogeology and environmental geophysics. Dr. Singha is an award-winning teacher, is the recipient of a U.S. National Science Foundation CAREER award and the Early Career Award from the Society of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, served as the National Groundwater Association’s Darcy Lecturer and is a Geological Society of America Fellow. She earned her B.S. in geophysics from the University of Connecticut and her Ph.D., in hydrogeology, from Stanford University. As a Fulbright Scholar she will collaborate on research with staff at University College Cork.

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