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OUR Alumni

John Burkhardt

Award: Fulbright US Scholar

Sponsor: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Institution: University of Michigan

Year: 2020

John Burkhardt, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine and Learning Health Sciences at the University of Michigan. Dr Burkhardt’s clinical practice is in emergency medicine and his research focuses on critically reevaluating medical education policy to increase fairness, equity, and ultimately address health care disparities. The later interest is grounded in a commitment to bring better alignment across key components of medical education so that, as a profession, we can more fully meet societal needs and the needs of our patients. As a Fulbright Scholar he will conduct research comparing two Health Professions Education (HPE) training approaches; one a competency-based, master’s degree in program at the University of Michigan and the other a diploma in HPE created at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). While at RCSI, he will also instruct in their HPE program on the use of competency-based methods in professional education programs.

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