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OUR Alumni

Iseult Sheehy

Award: Fulbright-EPA (Student)

Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Year: 2021

Iseult Sheehy is an MSc Student of Development Practice at Trinity College Dublin and Executive Coordinator of Natural Capital Ireland. She completed a BA in Economics and Political Science at Trinity with a focus on climate change and sustainability as a mature student, having worked for ten years in the creative arts across the music, theatre and fashion industries. Iseult was awarded a Post Graduate Excellence Scholarship in Engineering, Environment & Emerging Technologies in 2020 and the Dean’s Award for Leadership in 2021 for her volunteer role as Trinity College’s Sustainability Apprentice, a role that she used to facilitate interdisciplinary conversations on the SDGs and to create opportunities for students such as the Trinity Green Campus-Dublin City Council Sustainability Internship Program.
Iseult is interested in eco-cultural identity and sustainable behaviour change. As an EPA-Fulbright Student Awardee, Iseult will visit the University of New Mexico where she will conduct further research with the Indigenous Planning Institute at the School of Architecture and Planning on ecological-culturally responsive and value-based approaches to development.

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