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OUR Alumni

Helen O’Donoghue

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Institution: Irish Museum of Modern Art

Year: 2019

Ms Helen O’Donoghue is the Head of Engagement & Learning programme at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and a core philosophy in all her work is to create opportunities for people to access and participate in arts and culture. As a Fulbright researcher Helen O’Donoghue will spend three months embedded in the Education department at the MoMA in New York to learn about current archival strategies relating to their education programme, along with shadowing a new live programme -The Platform, that will be launched later this year. While there she will work closely with Wendy Woon, the Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education and her team of researchers to share knowledge and strategies as part of the first experiment The People’s Studio: Collective Imagination which draws on MoMA’s history as a laboratory for experimentation with contemporary art and art pedagogy. This will inform her thinking for future programming and the new Collections and Learning Centre that is planned for IMMA.

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