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OUR Alumni

Helen Jennings

Award: Fulbright Irish Student Award

Institution: Cambridge University

Year: 2020

Helen graduated with a BA in Law from the University of Cambridge in 2019, and is currently seeking admission to the Bar of England and Wales in London. Helen discovered her passion for human rights law as a young teenager, through her work as a peer advocate for the Children’s Law Centre Belfast. She saw how law can be used to protect the most vulnerable, especially in a post-conflict society. Since then, she has pursued this passion for human rights both at home in Northern Ireland, as an executive trustee of the Northern Ireland Youth Forum and Member of UK Youth Parliament; in England, with the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign and as lead convenor of a conference on ‘The Development of Abortion Rights in a Changing Europe’; and internationally, as an ambassador for G(irls)20 and with UN Women. As a Fulbright student, Helen will be studying for an LLM at New York University, where she intends to specialise in human rights law. Her thesis will focus on the investigation of sexual and reproductive health rights by UN bodies. Helen is also supported in pursuing her LLM by an award from the George Moore Scholarship programme, administered by the Ireland Funds.