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OUR Alumni

Gerard Walls

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Sponsor: HRB

Institution: Queen's University Belfast

Year: 2023

Gerard is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Oncology at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre and Queen’s University Belfast, and he is an alumnus member of the Wellcome-Health Research Board Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) Programme.

In his clinical practice, Gerard specialises in radiotherapy and systemic therapy for all stages of lung cancer. Through his research, Gerard seeks to improve the prognosis of patients with lung cancer by greater personalisation of treatment. Specifically, he is exploring methods of reducing the toxicity of radiotherapy to the chest so that more patients can be safely treated, and he investigates how the molecular characterisation of lung cancer can be used to tailor treatments.

As a Fulbright Health Impact Scholar Awardee, Gerard will join the world-leading Cardio-Oncology research team at Washington University St. Louis to conduct further analysis on the interaction between radiotherapy and cardiovascular health in patients with lung cancer.

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