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OUR Alumni

Gavin Murphy

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Year: 2023

Gavin is Assistant Professor at the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, where he leads the Leadership and Policy strand of the Master of Education and is Professional Master of Education Thesis Coordinator. Gavin was previously Teaching Fellow at the School of Education, University College Dublin, and an Honorary (Visiting) Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Gavin’s research focuses on investigating professional education, with a specific emphasis on teachers and school leaders. He explores the leadership dynamics within educational policy and reform and his work emphasises the crucial role of research engagement. Furthermore, he delves into the interplay between equity, diversity, and inclusion within educational policy, leadership, and professional education. In 2020/21 Gavin established the ‘In Conversation With’ public webinar series, hosting international educational researchers to discuss educational policy and leadership issues. In September 2023, Gavin will be a Chen Yidan Visiting Global Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he will also complete his Fulbright Fellowship in 2024.

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