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OUR Alumni

Francis Ward

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Institution: Dublin City University

Year: 2019

Dr Francis Ward is a music educator and ethnomusicologist based in the School of Arts Education and Movement at DCU Institute of Education. His research interests include innovative music pedagogies, music education and social inclusion, Irish traditional music and dance, and educational technology. Funded by the Irish Research Council, his PhD interrogated evolving modes of transmission in Irish traditional music. As a Fulbright Scholar, Francis will work on the publication of a book entitled Approaching a Virtual Orality: Changing Processes of Transmission in Traditional Music while also teaching seminars in ethnomusicology, music education and Irish traditional music and dance studies at the University of Washington. As Francis has been involved in the development of a curriculum in socially inclusive music education at DCU IoE, he will also engage with outreach programmes facilitated by the University of Washington music education faculty to inform future contributions to curriculum development upon his return to Ireland.

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