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OUR Alumni

Eoin H. Oude Essink

Award: Fulbright Irish Student Award

Sponsor: Enterprise Ireland

Institution: Technological University Dublin

Year: 2023

Eoin H. Oude Essink is a PhD student at TU Dublin, where he is investigating the best suited cooling technologies for Irish Data Centre’s under Dr Sajad Alimohammadi. He has always had in interest in the field of thermodynamics, and a personal passion for technology and electronics. This led him to conduct his master’s under Dr Tim Persoons at Trinity College Dublin where he investigated the potential of microscale heat transfer modulation utilising deformable structures which he completed in 2019. The Fulbright award will enable Eoin to join the Cooling Technologies Research Center at Purdue University for 10 months. Here he will be researching the impact of asymmetric liquid cooling for modern CPUs and GPU under the supervision of Prof Weibel. Eoin has previous won awards for his engineering design such as the ‘nTopology Responsible Part Challenge’ where he leveraged additive manufacturing to create efficient CPU heatsink.

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