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OUR Alumni

Jennifer O’Sullivan

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar - All Disciplines

Institution: Marino Institute of Education

Year: 2021

Dr O’Sullivan is a lecturer in literacy in Marino Institute of Education and is the current president of the Literacy Association of Ireland. She has a PhD in Education from Trinity College Dublin. Her doctoral studies focused on the effectiveness of a phonological awareness programme in junior infants in a school serving an area of socioeconomic disadvantage. She has co-authored a phonics programme Sounds Like Phonics and is the author of a phonological awareness programme A Sound Beginning for Reading. She is also co-creator of the YouTube channel The Literacy Channel. The channel aims to share advice, ideas and strategies to support best practice in teaching and developing literacy at home and in the classroom. As a Fulbright scholar, will visit the world-renowned Florida Center for Reading Research in Florida State University to research a phonemic awareness screening and monitoring tool for beginning readers that incorporates children’s speech recognition technology.

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