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OUR Alumni

Donal Kerr

Award: Fulbright-TechImpact

Year: 2021

Donal Kerr is a cofounder and Chief Administrative Officer of 4Securitas, a Dublin based Cybersecurity Software Startup.
Donal is an experienced manager, New York Attorney, business analyst and policy specialist with a wide range of experience in Financial Services, Technology startups and Cybersecurity. Donal has an extensive and active network igrn the security space in Ireland, EU and US and is an active member of Cyber Ireland and the Boston College Global Leadership Cybersecurity Group.
As a Fulbright Tech Impact Awardee, Donal will visit Boston College where he will explore the development and application of the Shared Responsibility Model of Cloud Computing.
While taking modules of the Master of Science (M.S.) in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance program at Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies, Donal aims to conduct research in technology policy and business practices in order to understand the shortcomings of the current manner of dealing with Cloud security and to formulate a more robust and holistic approach that reduces scope for ambiguity and confusion.

Donal will bring practical business knowledge and experience and an Irish and EU perspective to Boston College where he intends to build on the initial learnings and connections made during a 2018 Boston College/US State Dept delegation to the United States.

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