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OUR Alumni

Conor Hammersley

Award: Fulbright Irish Student Award

Sponsor: Teagasc

Institution: South East Technological University

Year: 2022

Conor Hammersley is a Teagasc Walsh Scholar based in the National Center for Men’s Health, South East Technological University. His PhD explores the socio-cultural context that shapes gendered behaviour among rural men in Ireland, focusing on identities and masculinities among the farming community and its association with farmers’ health and help-seeking behaviour. His work looks to inform intervention strategies to support farmer wellbeing. His research interests include gender and health, mental health and suicide prevention in men, and health promotion targeted at a ‘hard to reach’ populations of men. As a Fulbright awardee at Columbia-Bassett Medical School in New York, Conor will extend his research by comparing and contrasting between evolving socio-cultural and economic challenges US farmers face in relation to their health and those encountered by farmers in Ireland. This will support the development of strategic health interventions developed in the US, to further inform the development of supports in Ireland.

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