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OUR Alumni

Conall Ó Fátharta

Award: Fulbright Irish Student Award

Institution: Maynooth University

Year: 2024

Conall Ó Fátharta is an award-winning former journalist who previously worked as a Senior News Reporter with the Irish Examiner. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Media Studies at Maynooth University. His research examines the he Irish print media role in investigating and shaping historical Church and State abuse as national scandals 1990-2020. He is doing this by examining the media coverage of interlinked episodes of injustice: (1) Magdalene Laundries (1993-2018), (2) abuse in industrial schools (1999-2009), and (3) the Banished Babies scandal (Irish- American adoption scheme) (1996-2020). As a Fulbrighter, Conall will travel to Glucksman Ireland House at New York University to research the last of these ‘scandals’, the Irish-American adoption scheme, in order analyse the crucial role played by US journalism in bringing the scheme to public attention.

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