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OUR Alumni

Chantal Skubic

Award: Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Sponsor: Dublin City University

Institution: Virginia Tech

Year: 2021

Chantal Skubic was granted a Fulbright Award to pursue her M.A. in Refugee Integration at Dublin City University. A graduate of Virginia Tech, she received her B.A. in Business Marketing with added coursework in international studies and communication. She also performed undergraduate research in Malawi concerning female entrepreneurs’ innovation and successes. Through her service organization she taught ESL courses and tutored refugee students which sparked interest in the field of refugee resettlement. Through her work at a resettlement agency outside of Washington, D.C she has assisted job seekers in obtaining employment, coordinated a youth mentoring program, and collaborated with top corporations on career-building workshops. At Dublin City University Chantal will continue to study from a broader scope the current policies and structures in place to support refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers. She plans to focus her studies on assessing the viability of a virtual mentoring framework as both a scalable corporate social responsibility initiative and refugee integration tool.

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