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OUR Alumni

Carolyn Grace

Award: Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Sponsor: Trinity College Dublin

Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Year: 2024

Carolyn Grace is a writer who has published personal essays, literary criticism, and human-interest stories for outlets like Medium, Culture Trip, and Food52. She holds a BA in History and French Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. For the last decade, Carolyn’s nonfiction writing has illuminated the modern human experience. Her past projects include documenting small businesses recovering from the pandemic, and developing pro bono communications for nonprofits fighting against youth incarceration and human trafficking. Today, Carolyn uses her training in essays and long-form narrative journalism to contextualize societal views on mental health, presenting the topic as a quotidian phenomenon that expands life rather than limits it. As a Fulbright recipient, Carolyn will study creative writing (MPhil) at Trinity College Dublin with a focus on personal essays. She will also examine how Irish and American essays facilitate individual and collective catharsis around topics related to mental health.

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