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OUR Alumni

Brigita Gallagher

Award: Fulbright Irish FLTA Award

Institution: University College Cork

Year: 2020

Brigita Gallagher holds a B.A International degree in Irish and French, and is currently completing her Professional Masters in Education at University College Cork. While at UCC, Brigita was awarded OnA³ir na Gaeilge for her contribution to the Irish language. As Development Officer for An Chuallacht (the Irish Language Society) she played a key role in promoting Irish – including hosting a regular Irish programme on UCC Campus Radio, involvement with the Irish Language Accommodation in the college, and organising many social events to cultivate an interest in and a love of Irish. Brigita was an active participant in many areas of university life – such as the International Students Society, a number of musical societies and a member of UCC Peer Support. She has a keen interest in promoting the Arts in Education, holding Gold Medals in both drama and music. As part of her degree, Brigita spent a year in France, at the University of Rennes, studying French, Irish and Breton. As a Fulbright FLTA, she will teach the Irish language and take classes at Elms College, Chicopee, Massachusetts.

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