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OUR Alumni

Brigid Cryan

Award: Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Sponsor: University College Cork

Institution: William & Mary

Year: 2024

Brigid Cryan graduated in 2022 from William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with a BA in Linguistics and significant coursework in Computer Science and Music Composition. Their interests intersect in creating data-driven sound art that celebrates the miracle of the human voice. At University College Cork, they will earn an MA in Experimental Sound Practice with a portfolio centered on spectrographic visualization of the harmonic content of vowel sounds. Participants will witness the signals of community and diversity present in the physical substance of their voices. This live visual display of the voice will demonstrate not only how sound and the meaning we draw from it are inextricable from its physics but also reveal the building blocks of the way computers hear, process, and produce natural language, all ubiquitous technologies today.

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