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OUR Alumni

Anthony Nyberg

Award: Fulbright US Scholar

Sponsor: Dublin City University

Institution: Emory University

Year: 2020

Anthony J. Nyberg is a Professor and a Distinguished Moore Research Fellow who is an expert in applying quantitative methods to research focusing on how organizations compete through people, specifically through the strategic role of pay and performance management in attraction, emergence, retention, and motivation and C-Suite succession. He is also the Academic Director of the Master of Human Resources Program, and the Director of the Riegel & Emory Human Resource Research Center. He publishes widely, served as an editor for the Academy of Management Journal and has received numerous awards for his research and teaching. Prior to earning his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he spent nine years as the managing partner in an international financial services firm based in Northern California and earned his Certified Financial Analyst designation. He will be collaborating in research and teaching on human resources during the current Fulbright at DCU.

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