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OUR Alumni

Angela Butler

Award: Fulbright Irish TechImpact Scholar Award

Institution: Intel Ireland

Year: 2022

Dr Angela Butler is a technology and performance researcher based in Dublin. Angela works as a Program Manager at Intel focusing on research and policy. She holds a PhD in Drama from Trinity College Dublin and was a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Trinity Long Room Hub. As a Research Fellow, Angela coordinated a global humanities institute on the topic of ‘crises of democracy’, arranging research exchanges in Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Brazil. She has published on a range of topics from immersive technologies to postdigital communities.

As a Fulbright TechImpact Scholar, Angela will explore the degrees of connection that humans forge with artificial intelligence (AI) through an examination of three AI-led art experiences. The research addresses the ways humans not only interact with AI but also develop bonds and personal attachments in cultural and domestic settings. By interrogating the societal impact of human-AI connections, the knowledge generated has the potential to inform future policy in this area.

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