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OUR Alumni

Esther Almazán

Award: Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Institution: Arizona State University

Year: 2022

Esther AlmazA¡n (Yoeme/Yaqui) is a Tucson Native who earned her MFA in dramatic writing from her home institution, Arizona State University. As a theatre artist, she has received the Kennedy Center Latinx Playwriting Award for Distinguished Achievement, the ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence, is a Eugene Oa€™Neill NPC semi-finalist, and a recipient of the Gammage Theatre Scholar Award. At NUI, Galway,A EstherA will conduct her research project,A Yaqui and BA©aloideas: Yoeme and Irish in Conversation, exploring the mutual understanding of overcoming adversity between Native Irish and Native Americans. Her Fulbright performing arts project, presented at NUIa€™s Oa€™Donoghue Theatre, will memorialize the Irish/Native American connection of generosity and mutual support in a devised theatre production incorporating family legends of surviving hardships through difficulties such as the COVID-19 pandemic, colonization, and mass migration.A 

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