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OUR Alumni

Alimat Babatunde

Award: SUSI Award

Institution: Michigan State University

Year: 2024

Alimat Babatunde is a passionate law student attending the University College Dublin. She immerses herself into different cultures on her campus as she was on the committee for the French, Italian, and African societies. Outside university, Alimat has campaigned for equity and representation for marginalised communities in politics, she is an Ambassador for Diaspora Vote and inaugural Director for Diversity and Inclusion in the European Law Student Association. Furthermore, Alimat has contributed policy recommendations on migration within the European Union as part of the European Student Assembly. She will be participating in the Civic Engagement study in Michigan State University as part of the Study of the U.S. Institutes for European Student Leaders. Alimat is deeply interested in political leadership and grassroot activism, which she intends to broaden her understanding at Michigan. On returning, she hopes to contribute her findings on the relationship between citizens and the Irish public system.

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