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Associated Award

Florida Polytechnic University


  • STEM
  • Student
  • Ireland to U.S.
  • Graduate assistantship
  • For Irish/E.U. Citizen


The Fulbright Commission and Florida Polytechnic University are offering this unique opportunity for an Irish student to travel to the U.S. to undertake a master degree and Graduate Assistantship in one of FL Polytechnic University’s STEM Programs.
The assistantship includes direct payment for services as teaching and / or research assistant and tuition support. The Fulbright Commission is seeking excellent applicants with strong leadership potential and a commitment to the ethos of being a Fulbrighter.


  • Must be an Irish Citizen, or an E.U. citizen who has lived in the Republic of Ireland for 3+ years
  • Must be a prospective postgraduate student with strong academic achievement
  • Leadership qualities / potential and a clear understanding of what it means to be a Fulbrighter are essential
  • Must not be a dual U.S.-Irish citizen, green card holder, or currently living in the U.S.
  • Must not already have extensive experience of studying or living in the U.S.


If you meet the above criteria, you can then register your interest to be notified when the awards are open, typically awards open on August 31st.

We will then issue you the link to the online application system and the guidelines when the awards open, generally on August 31st.


  • Florida Polytechnic will provide a stipend of $9600 per year, out of state fee waiver, tuition support of 9 credit hours and Additional Merit Scholarship.
  • The Fulbright Program will provide a monetary grant, plus accident and emergency insurance, cultural and professional programming, and J-1 visa administration.


  • Successful applicants must comply with the two-year home rule i.e. awardees will not be eligible for U.S. residency or a visa until the two-year home rule in Ireland is complete.
  • This assistantship includes two support elements: direct payment for services as teaching and / or research assistant and tuition support. The direct pay for services is paid as a stipend of $4800 for each semester ($9600) per year.
  • The assistantship provides support during fall & spring semesters and is renewable on a semester by semester basis for up to 2 academic years (depending on academic progress).
  • Tuition support at the in-state graduate student level is available for up to 9 credit hours per semester which allows a student to maintain full time status as a student as they can also take 9+ credit hours.
  • Contact Mustapha Achoubane, Associate Director International Affairs: machoubane@floridapoly.edu / Tel: +1863-874-8620 for further information.