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Fulbright scholar Prof William Reville wins IUSA Award

Prof William Reville

Prof William Reville has been awarded the Ireland United States Alumni Association (IUSA) Distinguished Alumni Award for 2021 in recognition of his contribution to research, science discourse and long-term commitment to the special relationship between the US and Ireland.

Prof Reville went from University College Dublin (to Iowa State University as a Fulbright scholar in 1973. He carried out research with the ISU muscle biology group until mid-1975. On returning to Ireland, he was appointed to University College Cork where he introduced electron microscopy to the university.

William joined the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association (IFAA), serving on the executive committee from 2000 to 2007 and President of IFAA 2005 – 2007. During his period on the IFAA executive several noteworthy projects were completed including compilation of the The Irish Fulbright Jubilee Directory in 2007 marking the 50th anniversary of the commencement of the Fulbright programme in Ireland in 1957, and the commissioning of an IFAA Medal of Honour. William himself was awarded the IFAA Medal of Honour in 2007. William continues to take an active interest in IFAA affairs.

William retired from UCC in 2012 but continues his work in the public promotion of science and particularly continues writing his column in The Irish Times. He is married to Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Breda McLeavey and they have two sons, Ferdia and Cian.

Read more about Fulbright scholar Prof William Reville in The Irish Times and via Ireland United States Alumni Association.

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