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Celebrating 60 years of Educational & Cultural Exchange between Ireland & the US


38 Students, Scholars & Professionals win Fulbright Awards to go to America

Monday 12th June 2017: Minister Charlie Flanagan of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, and Mr Reece Smyth, Chargé d’affaires of the US Embassy in Ireland, announced 38 new Fulbright Irish Awardees at Iveagh House last week.

Recipients include students, academics and professionals from 15 HEIs across Ireland and Europe. These Awardees will go to top US institutions to study and collaborate with experts in their field.

The unique nature of Fulbright Awards is that the Program encourages cultural exchange as well as educational. In addition to completing study or research projects, Awardees are tasked with being cultural Ambassadors during their time in the US. They will then return to Ireland to share the knowledge they have gained there. The rigorous application process ensures that the successful candidates are those who have conveyed how their work can have a positive impact on society.

This year the Fulbright Program celebrates 60 years of educational and cultural exchange between Ireland and the US. Since 1957, the Program has provided Irish and European citizens with the opportunity to study, research, or lecture in America, and supported US citizens to do the same in Ireland. The Program is now established in over 160 countries globally, providing a fantastic international network for Fulbright Awardees and Alumni.

Fulbright Program founder Senator J. William Fulbright said of the Program “Of all the joint ventures in which we might engage, the most productive, in my view, is educational exchange. I have always had great difficulty in trying to find the words that would persuasively explain that educational exchange is not merely one of those nice but marginal activities in which we engage in international affairs, but rather, from the standpoint of future world peace and order, probably the most important and potentially rewarding of our foreign-policy activities.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan TD said: “As Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, I am delighted to extend my warmest congratulations to the 38 Irish Fulbright Awardees for 2017 – 18. The Fulbright Commission plays an important role in providing reciprocal opportunities for Irish and US scholars and academics to study, work and experience life in each other’s countries.

This year’s 38 Irish awardees come from varying academic and professional disciplines, from the liberal arts – including Irish language studies – to science, technology, engineering and maths.  These awards underline the breadth and depth of the Fulbright Commission’s work, covering 34 institutions in 18 states and Washington, DC. I wish this year’s awardees every success for their time in the US.”

The Chargé d’affaires Reece Smyth, US Embassy said: “I warmly congratulate the 2017-2018 cohort of Awardees. The Fulbright Awards are highly competitive, globally recognised, and associated with excellence and prestige…so this is a real accomplishment.

This year, 38 Irish Awardees from 15 Institutions across Ireland and Europe will undertake Fulbright scholarships to study, research and teach in 34 institutions across the United States. Their diverse areas of expertise reflect the fascinating direction of Global research today.

We are proud to have such bright minds embarking on educational and cultural exchanges to the US, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of their studies and research when they return to Ireland in 2018.”

Professor John Hegarty, Chair of the Board of the Fulbright Commission in Ireland said: “On this 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Ireland, it is great to see the quality of students and scholars that it still attracts. Their opportunity is huge but so is their responsibility to continue Senator Fulbright’s all too relevant vision of advancing cross- cultural understanding. I know they are fully up to the challenge.”

Dr Dara FitzGerald, Director of the Fulbright Commission in Ireland said: “We would like to thank our partners, the US Department of State and US Embassy in Dublin, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. We are grateful to have the support of our award sponsors: the National Lottery, Enterprise Ireland, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Health Research Board, the Higher Education Authority, the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Marine Institute, National University of Ireland, Teagasc, the Maurer School of Law, Penn Law School, The University of Notre Dame, and the University of Montana.

We also have tremendous support from Irish institutions such as University College Cork, University College Dublin, Dublin City University, Royal College of Surgeons, National University of Ireland Galway, Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, The AMBER and INFANT SFI Centres, and of course the Hugh Lane Gallery. I cannot overemphasise the impact that their support brings to the Fulbright programme, especially in terms of diversity and range of disciplines that enhance the Ireland-US relationship.”

The next round of applications for the Fulbright Irish Awards will open on August 31st 2017 with opportunities in all disciplines, including the new Fulbright-Creative Ireland Fellowship for Museum professionals. Interested applicants should visit www.fulbright.ie, for more information.


For further information, interviews, etc. please contact:
Emma Loughney
, Fulbright Commission
Emma.loughney@fulbright.ie 086-6654535 / 01-6607670
Photography to follow from Conor McCabe Photography
info@conormccabe.ie / 085.705.7255


Full List of 2017-2018 Irish Fulbright Awardees

Mr David Azcona is a PhD candidate at Dublin City University. As a Fulbright Student Awardee to Arizona State University, he will research the differences in learner behaviour in Computer Science between Ireland and the U.S., and how student collaboration with a university comprising such a large student body can be enabled.

Mr Aaron Barker is a PhD Candidate in Engineering at University College Cork. As a Fulbright-Marine Institute Student to Oregon State University, he will investigate the application of data science and machine learning techniques to the production of energy estimates for renewable energy technologies.

Dr Charlotte Blease is a philosopher of medicine and Research Fellow at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and University College Dublin. Charlotte researches the science behind the art of medicine. As a Fulbright-HRB HealthImpact Scholar, she will travel to the Program in Placebo Studies, hosted at Harvard Medical School.

Ms Lola Boorman is a doctoral candidate at the University of York. She received her B.A in English Studies from TCD, and an MPhil in American Literature from the University of Cambridge. Her current research focuses on the use and representation of grammar in modern and contemporary American literature. As a Fulbright Student to Stanford University, she will conduct archival research into the institutional contexts of her project, in particular the development of grammar instruction and the teaching of writing in American universities from the 19th century to the 1990s.

Professor Colin Bradley is Professor of General Practice in the School of Medicine at University College Cork. He has a long standing research interest in improving the prescribing of medicines in general medical practice. Excessive prescribing of opioids for non-cancer pain has emerged as a major problem in the US. As Fulbright-HRB HealthImpact Scholar, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Oklahoma he will undertake research on strategies to improve opioid prescribing by primary care physicians. Insights from this work may help reduce the risk of the same problem emerging in Ireland.

Mr Lorcán Burns is currently completing a PGCE at St Mary’s University College Belfast. He has a BA in Irish from University of Ulster, and an MA in Scríobh agus Cumarsáid na Gaeilge from UCD. As a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) he will teach the Irish language and take courses at NYU and Drew University.

Ms Aoife Cartwright is a PhD candidate in the Maynooth University Department of Psychology. As a Fulbright-NUI Student Awardee, she aims to better understand the psychological risk factors for sexual assault in young men. During a visit to the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, Aoife will research psychophysiological arousal patterns in the context of sexual consent, focusing in particular on scenarios where the consent is resistant or ambiguous.

Dr David Collings is Professor of Human Resource Management and Associate Dean for Research at Dublin City University’s Business School where he researches and teaches in the areas of talent management and global mobility. As a Fulbright Scholar to Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School, David’s research programme will focus on the areas of global talent management and human capital flows within and between organisations.

Ms Jan Cosgrave graduated from the University of Glasgow with a first class degree in Psychology. She then began her doctoral studies at St John’s College, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on understanding the relationship between sleep, circadian rhythms and psychotic-like experiences. As a Fulbright Student Awardee Jan will attempt to replicate some of the core findings of her doctorate in clinical populations at the Perelman School of Medicine based in the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Marian Crowley-Henry is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Maynooth University School of Business. As a Fulbright-Enterprise Ireland Scholar, Marian will research the careers of international employees in multinational corporations at Northern Illinois University’s Management Department.

Dr Tom Curran is a lecturer in the School of Biosystems and Food Engineering and Director of the MSc Environmental Technology Programme at University College Dublin. As a Fulbright-TechImpact Scholar, he will be hosted by North Carolina State University to develop an early warning system for sewer network blockages caused by ‘fatbergs’. In recent years, Dr Curran has developed a European wide reputation as a specialist in ‘fatbergs’ and has made frequent media contributions on this issue.

Ms Aoife Delaney is a PhD candidate on ‘The Programmable City’ project at Maynooth University, Ireland. As a Fulbright-NUI Student Awardee based at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, she will research the transformative potential of smart technology for emergency management systems.

Dr Laura Devaney is a postdoctoral researcher at Teagasc, examining development pathways for the Irish and European bioeconomy. Previous to this, she was awarded a PhD from the Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin, where she also worked and lectured for two years in the area of environmental geography and sustainable consumption. Laura will travel to UC Berkeley for her Fulbright-EPA scholarship to research the development and governance of the US bioeconomy.

Dr Martha Finnegan is a doctor in psychiatry and research registrar at St Patrick’s University Hospital and Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. Previously, she has studied bioethics and law. As a Fulbright-HRB HealthImpact Scholar to Yale, she will focus on combining bioethics and research methodology to find ways to support health researchers to undertake more clinical research with vulnerable populations.

Mr Matthew Flood is a PhD candidate at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, and the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UCD. He also holds an ME in Biomedical Engineering from UCD. As a Fulbright-NUI Visiting Researcher to the Motion Analysis Laboratory at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston, Matthew will employ advanced signal processing methods to investigate motor control in individuals with Parkinson’s disease using wireless sensing technology.

Dr Helen French is a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). As a Fulbright-HRB HealthImpact Scholar, she will undertake research into the role of movement dysfunction, using 3D motion analysis, in the development of hip pain in adolescents and young adults at the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in Boston University.

Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou is a Lecturer in Sedimentology at UCD. As a Fulbright-GSI Geoscience Scholar, Aggeliki will visit the USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center in Massachusetts to investigate in detail the structures, morphology and lithologies of submarine landslide scars using diving equipment video data and Structure-for-Motion Techniques.

Ms Jaswinder Kaur is a PhD candidate with the Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre at Limerick Institute of Technology. As a Fulbright-Teagasc Awardee, she will be based at Michigan State University, investigating the use of genome sequences of fungi and identifying crucial genes responsible for the production of putative enzymes for industrial applications.

Dr Jacek Kibilda ventured into the realm of wireless communications networks during his undergraduate studies at Poznan University of Technology and has since continued his journey down the rabbit hole of spectrum, antennas, and interference, most recently exploring models and architectures for future generations of mobile networks. He holds a PhD from TCD, where he is currently working as a research fellow with the CONNECT Institute. As a Fulbright-TechImpact Scholar, he will continue his research with the Wireless Networking and Communications Group at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ms Dayna Killian has a first class degree in Drama and Theatre Studies with English Literature from Liverpool Hope University, and an MSc in Global Financial Information Systems from Waterford Institute of Technology. Dayna is the PhD candidate for the ‘Performing Women’ project at WIT. As a Fulbright Student Awardee, she will study at the University of Notre Dame in order to further explore the representation of women playwrights and Irish womanhood on the Abbey stage in the first half of the 20th c.

Dr David Lillis is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science, UCD. As a Fulbright-TechImpact Scholar, David will visit the University of New Haven Cyber Forensics Research & Education Group (UNHcFREG) in West Haven, Connecticut. There he will focus on efficient automated techniques for discovering digital evidence, with a view to expediting the process of cybercrime investigation.

Mr Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh graduated from Mary Immaculate College with a first class honours degree in the Liberal Arts. He went on to write his Master’s thesis on Irish lexicography which was published by Coiscéim under the title Focail agus Foclóireacht T. O’Neill Lane (2013). He co-founded Meanmanra, a psychology and philosophy conference with proceedings published at the conference’s second edition. Seaghan has worked as an Irish tutor at UL, as a visiting Irish Language Scholar at Concordia University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Irish folklore in MIC. As a Fulbright FLTA, he will teach the Irish Language and takes courses at the University of Notre Dame.

Dr Christine Mackey is an independent studio artist based at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre. Combining an interdisciplinary approach to her work, for her Fulbright Scholarship Christine will be based in the Art and Ecology Department at the University of New Mexico to research the political and creative currency of plant life through the subject of the seed and the entangled narratives between human and non-human relations.

Mr Jamie Mc Garrigle completed a B.A. in Modern Irish and Music at UCD. Having been awarded a scholarship, he then graduated from the postgraduate studies programme in Irish Writing and Communications there. He is currently completing a Professional Masters in Education through Irish and undertaking research on ‘The Use and Effects of Music in Language Acquisition‘ at NUI Galway, and has been working as a secondary school teacher of Irish and Music as part of this course. As a Fulbright FLTA, he will teach the Irish language and take courses at Davidson College.

Dr Sheena McHugh is a Research Fellow at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCC. She is a Fellow on the CARDI Leadership Programme in Ageing Research funded by the Ageing Research and Development Division within the Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH). She has a BA in Psychology from UCD, a Master of Science in Health Psychology from University College London, and she completed the HRB Scholars Programme in Health Services Research at UCC. As a Fulbright-HRB HealthImpact Scholar, Sheena will research implementation strategies for healthcare improvement at the Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina.

Ms Fiona McDermott is a researcher and PhD candidate, based at the Connect Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications at TCD. While on her Fulbright-EPA Student Award at the New School in New York City, Fiona will undertake critical design research focusing on the practice of urban informatics, forms of urban intelligence and networked data infrastructures.

Ms Meadhbh Moriarty is currently undertaking a PhD in Marine Fisheries Ecology at Ulster University, Coleraine. As a Fulbright-Marine Institute Student Awardee, Meadhbh will visit Alaska Pacific University and Cornell University to develop geostatistical applications for assessing changes in fish distribution.

Ms Ciara Ní É completed a B.A. in Modern Irish and English at TCD, and an MA in Irish at UCD where she was a tutor. Ciara is a writer and also works as an editor, teacher, and broadcaster. As a Fulbright FLTA, she will teach the Irish Language and take courses at Villanova University.

Ms Giollaíosa Ní Mhaonaigh graduated from UCD with a BA in Modern Irish and History. She went on to complete an Máistir Gairmiúil san Oideachas in NUIG. She will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant to the University of Montana.

Ms Orla Nic Thaidhg completed a BA in Irish and Music at Maynooth University and went on to complete a Masters in Education through Irish at the NUIG. Orla has a keen interest in music of all styles and has been a professional tutor of Irish traditional music for the past six years. She is currently the head of the music department in Coláiste Oiriall. As a Fulbright FLTA she will teach the Irish language and takes courses at University of Montana.

Ms Katherine Nolan completed a Bachelor of Business and Law at UCD, a Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford, and is a qualified Irish solicitor. As a Fulbright Student Awardee, Katherine will complete an LLM at the University of California, Berkeley, where she intends to focus on the comparative regulation of technology issues, in particular information privacy law.

Mr Tomás Ó Ceallaigh is currently finishing his masters in Nua-Ghaeilge at UCD. He taught Irish at the UBO University in Brest in France, and prior to that he worked as a journalist and television producer with the Irish national broadcaster, RTÉ. Tomás has a keen interest in Irish-language songs and is an avid user of these as a teaching aid in the classroom. As a Fulbright FLTA will teach the Irish language and take courses at Idaho State University.

Dr Ruan O’Donnell is a Senior Lecturer in History at UL, was Visiting Chair of Irish Studies at Notre Dame (2010-11), and is a graduate of UCD and the Australian National University. His numerous books on the history of Irish republicanism include the recent Special Category, The IRA in English Prisons, Volume II, 1978-1985 and Patrick Pearse. He has contributed to the globally screened ‘1916’ documentary series and contributed articles to The Irish Times, New York Times and Chicago Tribune. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists, ‘Universities Ireland Decade of Commemoration Committee’ and the Irish Manuscripts Commission. As a Scholar in Residence at the University of Montana, he will teach a course in Irish History.

Dr Alanna O’Malley is a Lecturer of History and International Relations at Leiden University in The Netherlands. As a Fulbright Scholar to George Washington University, she will investigate the development of the United Nations in parallel with the emergence of the countries of the Global South from 1955-1981. Her research will shed new light on the role of the United States in this process, tracing the evolution of American policy towards the UN and decolonization.

Mr Pól Ó Sniadhaigh graduated from NUIG with a BA in Irish and Geography, he then completed an MA in Modern Irish language at the same institution, and an MA in Education at Hibernia College Dublin. Pól has recently worked as a university tutor on Intensive Irish language courses, and in Irish Secondary Schools. As a Fulbright FLTA, he will teach the Irish language and take courses at Elms College, Chicopee.

Ms Trina Rea is a Course Director and Lecturer in TV & Media Production at the Institute of Technology Carlow. As a Fulbright-TechImpact Scholar to New York University, Trina will evaluate the news habits of the first generation of digital natives and how those habits impact on digital news organisations’ editorial choices, packaging and delivery of news.

Dr Elizabeth Shotton is currently Director of Research, Innovation and Impact in the UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy. She teaches in construction technology and design studio, with an emphasis on sustainable building and development. Her research is in the field of construction history and she is currently working on an Irish Research Council funded project Minor Harbours, which examines the evolution of maritime engineering in small harbours in Ireland from the 17th century to the present. As a Fulbright-TechImpact Scholar, Elizabeth will work with the Digital Humanities group of the UCLA Cotsen Institute to develop strategies to digitally visualize these harbours.

Ms Tara Walsh holds a BA in Early and Modern Irish from TCD. She also completed a Masters in Music and Cultural History at UCC, followed by a PDE in Music Education at the UL.  She has been a secondary-school teacher for the past four years. As a Fulbright FLTA, she will teach the Irish language and take courses at the University of Connecticut.

Ag ceiliúradh 60 bliain de Mhalartú Oideachasúil agus Cultúrtha idir Éirinn agus na Stát Aontaithe

D’éirigh le 38 Mac Léinn, Scoláirí agus Daoine Gairmiúla dámhachtain a bhaint amach chun dul go Meiriceá

Dé Luain an 12ú Meitheamh 2017: D’fhógair an tAire Gnóthaí Eachtracha agus Trádála Charlie Flanagan agus Reece Smyth, Chargé d’affaires Ambasáid na Stát Aontaithe in Éirinn, 38 Dámhachtain nua i dTeach Uíbh Eachach le linn na seachtaine seo caite.

San áireamh sna faighteoirí tá mic léinn, acadóirí agus daoine gairmiúla ó 15 ard institiúd oideachais thar Éirinn agus ar fud na hEorpa. Téann siad go dtí na hinstitiúidí is fearr sna Stáit Aontaithe chun staidéir a dhéanamh agus comhoibriú le saineolaithe ina réimse spéise.

Gné uathúil de na Dámhachtaithe Fulbright is ea an chaoi go gcuireann an clár malartú cultúrtha chun cinn in éineacht leis an Malartú Oideachasúil. Anuas ar a staidéar agus an obair a chuirtear chun críche, is ambasadóirí cultúrtha iad le linn a dtréimhsí sna Stáit Aontaithe. Ansin, fillfidh siad ar Éirnn chun an t-eolas agus an saineolas a bhailíonn siad a roinnt. Cinntíonn an phroiséas iarratas go mbeadh toradh rathúil ar an tsochaí de na ndaoine a éiríonn leo Fulbright a bhaint amach.

Le linn na bliana seo, ceiliúradh 60 bliain den chlár Fulbright idir Éirinn agus na Stát Aontaithe agus an Malartú Oideachasúil agus Cultúrtha ar fad. Ón mbliain 1957, tá an clár i ndiadh deiseanna a chuir ar fáil do shaoránaigh Éireannacha agus Eopacha chun staidéir a dhéanamh, nó taighde a dhéanamh nó léachtóireacht a dhéanamh sna Stáit Aontaithe agus chun tacaíocht a thabhairt do shaoránaigh Meiricéanacha chun amhlaidh a dhéanamh in Éirinn.

Ó 1957, tá an clár ag cur deiseanna ar fáil do shaoránaigh Éireannacha agus Eorpacha chun staidéir a dhéanamh, taighde a dhéanamh nó dul ag léachtóireacht sna Stáit Aontaithe agus tá tacaíocht curtha ar fáil do Mheiriceánaigh chun amhlaidh a dhéanamh in Éirinn. Tá an clár bunaithe anois i mbreis agus 160 tír ar fud na cruinne ag cur gréasán domhanda do dhámhachtaithe Fulbright agus alumni.

Dúirt bunaitheoir an chláir an Seanadóir J William Fulbright faoin gclár “as na comhiarrachtaí ar fad, an ceann is rathúla, i mo thuairmse is ea malartú oideachasúil. I gconaí bíonn deachrachtaí móra agam teacht ar na focail a thugann míniú math go leor ar an malartú oideachasúil. Ní ionann an malartú oideachasúil agus ceann de na rudaí deasa sin ach rudaí neamhthabhachta a dhéanann muid maidir le cúrsaí idirnáisiúnta ach ar són na tochaí, síochan domhanda. Is é an ní is tabhachtaí agus b’fhéidir is fiúntaí as ár ngníomhachtaí eachtracha”.

Aire Roinn na Gnóthaí Eachtrachta, Charlie Flanagan: “Mar Aire Gnóthaí Eachtracha agus Trádála, ba mhaith liom mo chomhghairdeas ó chroí a ghabháil leis an 38 scoláire agus mac leinn a bhain gradaim amach le haghaidh na bliana 2017-18. Tá post tábhachtach ag an Coimisiún Fulbright maidir le deiseanna a chuir ar fáil do scoláire Éireannacha agus Meirceánacha chun taigdhe a dhéanamh, obair a dhéanamh agus taithí ar an saol a fháil sa tír eile.

Is as réimse eagsúla a thagann na dámhachtaithe: eolaíocht, gnó, teicneolaíocht, leigheas, innealtóireacht, Geo-eolaíocht, Staidéar mara, léiriúchan na meán, léann na hamharclannaíochta, An Ghaeilge, Dlí agus Stair.Léiríonn na gradaim seo an eagsúlacht atá in obair an Choimisiúin, iad ag oibriú le 34 institiúd in 18 Stát agus le Washington DC. Is mian liom gach beannacht a ghuí ar na dámhachtaithe le linn a ama sna Stáit Aontaithe.”

Dúirt Chargé d’affaires Reece Smyth ón Ambassáid na Stat Aontaithe “Is mian liom comhghairdeas ó chroí a ghabháil le grúpa dámhachtaithe. Tá na Dámhachtaithe Fulbright thar a bheith iomaíoch. Tá clú agus cáil ar na dámhachtaithe seo ar fud na cruinne agus leo, tá sármhaitheas agus is mór an gradam gairme iad. Is mór an gaois Fulbright a bhaint amach.

I mbliana, tháinig 38 dámhachtaithe ó 15 Institiúd ar fud na hÉireann agus na hEorapa chun staidéar, taighde agus múineadh in 34 institiúid thar na Stáit Aontaithe. Taispeáineann a saneolas ar an mbealach eagsúil atá taighde domhanda agus dul sa lá atá inniu ann.

Tá bród an domhain orainn go bhfuil daoine leis an gcumas seo ag dul ar mhalartú oideachasúil agus cultúrhta agus táimid ag súil go mór le torthaí a taighde agus staidéar nuair a fhillean siad ar Éirinn in 2018”.

An tOllamh John Hegarty, Cathaoirleah Bhord Choimisiún Fulbright na hÉireann: “Ar a cothrom lae 60 bliain den Chlár Fulbright in Éirinn, tá sé iontach go bhfuil an clár fós ag tarraingt ar chaighdéan millteanach ard de mhic léinn agus scoláirí. Tá an deis ollmhór ach tá a fhreagracht chun fís Fulbright a chuir chun cinn ollmhór freisin: sin chun tuiscint tras-chultúrtha a chuir chun cinn. Ach, tá a fhios agam go bhfuil siad in ann don dúshlán.”

An Dr Dara FitzGerald, Stiúrthóir Feidhmiúcháin,Coimisiún na hEireann-na Stát Aontaithe um Malartú Oideachasúil: “Is mian linn ár mbuíochas a ghabháil lenár gcomhpháirtaithe, Roinn Stáit Stát Aontaithe Meiricéa agus Ambasáid na Stát Aontaithe i mBaile Átha Cliath, Roinn na Gnóthaí Eachtracha agus Trádála agus Roinn Ealaíon, Oidhreachta, Gnóthaí Réigiúnacha, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta. Táimid buíoch go bhfuil tacaíocht ár n-urraitheoirí againn: an Crannchur Náisiúnta, Fiontraíocht Éireann, an Ghníomhaireacht um Chaomhnú Comhshaoil, an Bord Taighde Sláinte, an tÚdarás um Ard-Oideachas, Suirbhéireacht Gheolaíochta na hÉireann, Foras na Mara, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Teagasc, Scoil Dlí Maurer, Scoil Dlí Penn, Ollscoil Notre Dame agus  Ollscoil Montana.

Tá tacaíocht dochreidte againn ó institiúidí Éireannacha ar nós Ollscoil na hÉireann Chorcaí,Ollscoil na hÉireann, Baile Átha Cliath, Ollscoil Chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath, Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh, Ollscoil Luimnigh, an tIonad AMBER agus an tIonad INFANT SFI agus dar ndóigh dánlann an Hugh Lane. Nílim in ann an t-uafas béime a chuir ar an tionchar a thugann siad go dtí an chláir Fulbright ach go háirithe maidir leis an éagsúlacht agus líon na ndisciplín a chuireann leis an gcaidreamh idir na Stát Aontaithe agus Éirinn.”

Osclóidh an chéad babtha eile de na hiarratais do na dámhachtaithe Fulbright Déardaoin, an 31ú Lúnasa 2017, le deiseanna mar is gnáth do chuile disciplín. San áireamh tá an “Fulbright-Creative Ireland Fellowship” le haghaidh gaimirthe iarsmalanna. Do dhaoine le spéis acu ann, ba cheart dóibh cuairt a thabhairt ar www.fulbright.ie le haghaidh tuilleadh eolas.


Le haghaidh tuilleadh eolas, agallamh, srl déan teagmháil le:

Emma Loughney, An Coimisiún Fulrbight
Emma.loughney@fulbright.ie 01-6607670                                                                                               Grianghrafadóireacht le teacht ó Conor McCabe Photography
info@conormccabe.ie / 085.705.7255


Liosta iomlán na ndámhachtaithe 2017-2018, Dámhachtaithe Fulbright ó Éirinn

Is mac léinn PhD é David Azcona in Ollscoil Cathair Bhaile Átha Cliath. Mar mhac léinn PhD go hOllscoil Arizone state, déanfaidh sé taighde ar na difríochtaí idir iompar na bhfoghlaimeoirí ríomheolaíochta sna Stát Aontaithe agus Éirinn agus conas conas is féidir dul in ngleic le hollscoil le méid ollmhór mhac léinn.

Is mac léinn PhD innealtóireachta é Aaron Barker in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Corcaigh. Mar mhac léinn Fulbright-Foras na Mara go hOllscoil Oregon State, fiosróidh sé cur i bhfeidhm eolas eolaíoachta agus bealaí foghlamtha meaisínithe le hagaidh déantus meastacháin teicneolaíocht fuinneamh in-athnuaite.

Is fealsamh leighis agus ánra taighde í an Dr Charlotte Blease Institiúid Ard-Léinn Bhaile Átha Cliath agus An Coláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath. Déanann Charolette taighde taobh thair den leaigheas. Mar scolaire Fulbright-HRB, rachaidh sí go Program i staidéar Placebo ag scoil leighis Harvard.

Is iníon léinn PhD í Lola Boorman ag Ollscoil York. Bhain sí BA amach sa Bhéarla ó Choláiste na Trinóide agus MPhil i Litríocht Meiriceá ó Ollscoil Cambridge. Baineann a taighde reatha le hathriú agus cur i láthair gramadach sa Nua litríocht Mheiriceánach. Mar mhac léinn Fulbright go hOllscoil Stanford, déanfaidh sí taighde chartlainne instiúidil ach go háirithe forbairth an gramadach agus múineadh na scríbhneoireachta in ollscoil.

Is ollamh chleachtadh ginearálta é Colin Bradley i scoil leagheas Ollscoil na hÉireann, Corcaigh. Le fada an lá tá spéis aige i gcur chun cinn ordú leigheas sa chleachtas ginearálta. Mar scolaire Fulbright-HRB, in éineacht lena chomhghlacaithe ó Ollscoil Oklahoma, déanfaidh sé taighde ar straigéisí chun cabhrí le opioid. Tá súil aige go gcabhróidh seo leis an bhfadhb seo atá ag teacht chun tosaigh in Éirinn.

Is iníon léinn PhD í Aoife Cartwright in Ollscoil Mhá Nuad, Roinn síceolaíocht. Mar iníon léinn Fulbright_NUI, déanfaidh sí iarracht tuiscint níos fearr a fháil ar na
tosca le haghaidh ionsaí gnéasach i bhfir óga. Tabharfaidh sí cuairte ar Ollscoil Indiana.

Is Ollamh le Bainistíocht Acmhainní Daonna agus Déan Taighde é an Dr. David Collins i Scoil Gnó, Ollscoil Chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath. Is ansin a dhéanann sé taighde agus a mhúineann sé. Mar Scoláire Fulbright d’Ollscoil Cornell, díreoidh clár taighde David ar bhainistiú tallainne idirnáisiúnta idir agus laistigh d’eagrachtaí.

Bhain Jan Cosgrave céim sa tsíceolaíocht amach ó Ollscoil Glascú. Is ansin a chuir sé tús lena PhD ag Ollscoil Oxford. Díríonn taighde s’aici ar an gcaidreamh idir chodladh, rithim laethúil agus taithí síocóiseacha. Mar iníon léinn Fulbright, déanfaidh Jan iarracht roinnt dá dtorrthaí a athdhéanamh in Ollscoil Pennsylvania.

Is léachtóir le Bainistíocht Acmhainní Daonna í Dr Marian Crowley-Henry sa Scoil Gnó in Ollscoil Mhá Nuad. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-Enterprise Ireland, déanfaidh Marian taighde ar na gairmithe de fhostaithí idirnáisiúnta in Ollscoil Thuaisceart Illinois.

Is léachtóir le hInnealtóireacht Bia é an Dr Tom Curran agus is é an Stiúrthóir ar an gClár Theicneolaíocht Chomhshaoil i gColáiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath. Mar scoláire Fulbright-TechImpact, rachaidh sé go Ollscoil North Carolina State déanfaidh sé forbairt ar na foláirimh luath i dtaobh ‘fatbergs’.

Is iníon léinn PhD í Aoife Delaney ar ‘The Programmable City’ in Ollscoil Mhá Nuad. Mar iníon léinn Fulbright-NUI beidh sí lonnaithe in Ollscoil Massachusettes, Boston. Déanfaidh sí taighde ar an teicneolaíocht cliste le haghaidh chóras bainistíochta éigeandála.

Is taighde iardhochtúireachta í an Dr Laura Devaney i dTeagasc. Roimhe seo bhain sí PhD amach ó Scoil na Tíreolaíochta, Coláiste na Tríonóide. Ba léachtóir ansin í ar feadh dhá bhliana. Tá Laura ag dul go UC Berkeley ar chuid dá scoláireacht Fulbright-EPA chun taigdhe a dhéanamh ar an bhforbairt agus rialú gheilleagar na Stát Aontaithe.

Is Síciatracht í an Dr Martha Finnegan agus cláraitheoir taighde í in ospidéal Naomh Pádraig agus i gColáiste na Tríonóide. Roimhe seo rinne sí staidéar ar an dlí. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-HRB go Yale, díreoidh sí ar bhitheitic agus fhírinniú na modheolaíochta taighde chun tacaíocht a thabhairt do thaighdeoirí sláinte.

Is mac léinn PhD é Matthew Flood i gColáiste na hOllscoile, Baile Átha Cliath. Tá ME san Innealtóireacht Bithleighis ón gcoláiste sin freisin. Mar Thaighdeoir Fulbright-NUI go hospodéal Spaulding, Boston, úsádfaidh sé ard-phróiseáil chun cabhrú le daoine leis an ngalar Parkinsons.

Is léachtóir sinsearach le Fisiteiripe í Dr Helen French i gColáiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-HRB, tabharfaidh sí faoi thaighde i bpian i gcromáin i ndaoine fásta agus i ndaoine óga sa Roinn Sláinte in Ollscoil Boston.

Is léachtóir le dríodareolaíocht í an Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou i gColáiste na hOllscoile, Baile Átha Cliath. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-GSI, tabharfaidh Aggelikie cuairt ar USGS Woods Hole Coastal agus Ionadh Mara Eolaíocht in Massachusetts le taighde a dheánamh ar thorrthaí shciorradh talún

Is mac léinn PhD í Jaswinder Kaur in Institiúid Teicneolaíochta Luimnigh. Mar iníon léinn Fulbright-Teagasc beidh sí lonnaithe in Ollscoil Michigan State. Déanfaidh sí taighde ar pheill agus feicfidh sí ach go háirithe ar na géin is féidir a úsáid sa tionsclaíocht.

Le linn a bhunchéin in Ollscoil Theicneolaíochta Poznan, thosaigh an Dr. Jacek Kibilda ag díriú ar an gcumarsáid líonra gan sreang agus ó shín, lean sé leis an speis sin. Tá PhD bainte amach aige ó TCD, áit ina oibríonn sé go fóill mar taighdeoir leis an Institiúid CONNECT. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-TechImpact, leanfaidh sé lena thagihde ar líonraí agus ar an gcumarsáid in Ollscoil Texas in Austin.

Tá céim ag Dayna Killian sa dramaíochta agus i staidéar amharchlainne le litríocht an Bhéarla ó Ollscoil Hope, Learpholl agus tá MSC aici sa Chóras Airgeadais Domhanda ó WIT. Is sa choláiste sin atá sí go fóill mar iníon léinn PhD ar “Performing Women”. Mar iníonn léinn Fulbright, déanfaidh sí staidéar in Ollscoil Notre Dame le tuilleadh taighde a dhéanamh ar ról na mban sa scríbhneoireacht agus in Amharclann na Mainistreach ag tús na 20ú haoise.

Is Ollamh Cúnta é an Dr David Lillis i scoil na ríomheolaíochta i gColáiste na hOllscoile, Baile Átha Cliath. Mar Scoláire Fulbright TechImpact, tabharfaidh David cuairt ar Ollscoil New Haven (UNHcFREG) in Haven Thiar, Connecticut. Díreoidh sé ar fhiosrúchán cibearchoireachta.

Is ealaíontóir neamhspléach atá lonnaite in ionad dealbhóireachta Liatroma í an Dr Christine Mackey. Beidh sí thall in Ollscoil New Mexico le linn a Fulbright le taighde a dhéanamh ar shaol an phlanda ag bainte leasa as an síol agus ag féachaint ar an scéal idir na daoine agus na plándaí.

Is Ánra Taighde í an Dr Sheena McHugh i Scoil Sláinte Phoiblí in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Corcaigh. Is Ánra í ar an gclár ceannaireachta CARDI. Tá BA sa tsíceolaíocht aici ó Choláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath agus tá MSc aici sa réimse sin ó Choláiste Ollscoile London agus chuir sé críoch leis an gclár HRB Scoláirí in UCC. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-HRB, déanfaidh sé taighde ar fheabhasú chúram sláinte in Ollscoil Carolina Thuaidh.

Is taighdeoir agus iníon léinn PhD í Fiona McDermott atá lonnaithe i TCD. Le linn di a bheith ag tabhairt faoin Fulbright sa Scoil Nua i gCathair Nua-Eabhrac, tabharfaidh Fiona faoi taighde ar an bpleanáil uirbeach, bealaí cliste uirbeach agus bonneagair.

Meadhbh Moriarty ag tabhairt faoi PhD in Ollscoil Ulaidh, Cúil Raithin. Mar iníonn léinn Fulbright-Marine Institute, tabharfaidh Meadhbh cuairt ar Ollscoil Alaska Pacific agus Ollscoil Corneel le forbairt a dhéanamh ar gheostaitisticí le féachaint ar athruithe i ndáileachán éisc.

Tá bun chéim ag Katherine Nolan sa Ghnó agus sa dlí ó Choláiste na hOllscoile, Baile Átha Cliath agus céim eile sa dlí sibhialta ó Ollscoil Oxford agus is dlíodóir Éireannach í freisin. Mar iníon léinn dlí, tabharfaidh Katherine faoi LLM ag Ollscoil California, Berkeley. Beidh sí ag díriú ar dlí príobháideachta ach go háirithe.

Is Léachtóir Sinsearach le Stair é an Dr Ruan O’Donnell in Ollscoil Luimnigh. Ba chathaoirleach ar chuairt de staidéar na hÉireann in Ollscoil Notre Dame é (2010-11) agus is céimí de Choláiste na hOllscoile, Bailte Átha Cliath é agus céimí de chuid an Ollscoil Náisiúnta na Astráile. Tá neart leabhar scríofa aige faoin bpoblachtachas, san  áireamh tá: Special Category, The IRA in English Prisons, Volume II, 1978-1985 and Patrick Pearse. Chuir sé go mór leis an sraith ‘1916’ a craoladh ar fud na cruinne agus scríobhann sé ailt san Irish Times, the New York Times agus an Chicago Tribune. Is ball den Chonradh Náisiúnta d’Iriseoirí, ‘Universities Ireland Decade of Commemoration Committee’ agus Coimisiún na lámhscríbhinní. Múinfidh sé cúrsaí i Stair na hÉireann mar Scoláire Conaithe in Ollscoil Montana.

Dr Alanna O’Malley is a Lecturer of History and International Relations at Leiden University in The Netherlands. As a Fulbright Scholar to George Washington University, she will investigate the development of the United Nations in parallel with the emergence of the countries of the Global South from 1955-1981. Her research will shed new light on the role of the United States in this process, tracing the evolution of American policy towards the UN and decolonization.

Is Stiúrthóir ar Chúrsa agus Léachtóir sa Teilifís agus Léiriú na Meán in Institiúid Teicneolaíochta Cheatharlach í Trina Rea. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-TechImpact go hOllscoil Nua-Eabhrac, feicfidh Trina ar nósanna nuachta an chéad glhúin dóibh siúd a d’fhás anuas le háiseanna digiteacha agus cén tionchar atá ag na nósanna sin ar na heagraíochta nuachta agus cinntí a dhéanann siad maidir leis an nuacht.

Is Stiúrthóir Taighde í an Dr Elizabeth Shotton ar Innovation and Impact i gColáiste na hOllscoile, Baile Átha Cliath ar Phleanáil agus Polasaí Chomhshaoil. Múineann sí ar teicneolaíocht tógála agus dearadh le béim ar thógáil agus ar an bhfobhairt. Baineann taighde s’aici ar stair tóglá agus na nósanna. Faoi láthair tá sí ag obair ar thogra le tacaíocht ón gComhairle um Thaighde in Éirinn Minor Harbours. Mar Scoláire Fulbright-TechImpacht, beidh Elizabeth ag obair le grúpa ó UCLA san Institiúd Cotsen le straitéisí a fhobhairt leis na cuanta a amharcléiritheoir.


Céim céadonóracha sna Dánta Liobrálacha ó Choláiste Mhuire Gan Smál a bhain Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh  amach agus d’fhan sé san institiúid chéanna ina dhiaidh sin d’fhonn tráchtas Máistreachta a scríobh ar fhoclóireacht na Gaeilge. Bhunaigh sé Meanmanra, comhdháil ar an tsíceolaíocht agus ar an bhfealsúnacht sa bhliain 2015, agus seoladh cnuasach de chainteanna na chéadbhliana i rith an dara eagrán den chomhdháil i mí na Samhna 2016. Bhíodh Seaghan ag obair ina theagascóir Gaeilge in Ollscoil Luimnigh, chaith sé seal mar Scoláire Gaeilge ar cuairt i Scoil an Léinn Éireannaigh i gCeanada, agus tá sé anois ag cur na mbailchríoch ar thráchtas dochtúireachta ar an mbéaloideas i gColáiste Mhuire Gan Smál.

Bhain Ciara Ní É bunchéim amach sa Bhéarla agus sa Nua-Ghaeilge ó Choláiste na Tríonóide in 2013. Idir 2014-15 rinne sí an MA Scríobh agus Cumarsáid na Gaeilge i gColáiste na hOllscoile, BÁC, áit a d’oibrigh sí mar theagascóir. Is scríbhneoir í Ciara, agus oibríonn sí mar eagarthóir, múinteoir, agus craoltóir chomh maith.

Lorcán Burns i mbun cúrsa TICO i gColáiste Ollscoile Naomh Muire, Béal Feirste faoi latháir. Bhain sé céim sa Ghaeilge amach ó Ollscoil Uladh. D’fhreastail sé ar Choláiste Ollscoile Baile Átha Cliath chomh maith le MA a dhéanamh i Scríobh agus Cumarsáid na Gaeilge.

Chríochnaigh Orla Nic Thaidhg B.A. sa Ghaeilge agus sa Cheol in Ollscoil Mhá Nuad i 2014 agus lean sí ar aghaidh le Máistreacht san Oideachas a chríochnú trí mheán na Gaeilge in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh, i 2016. Tá suim ollmhór ag Orla i gcineálacha éagsúla ceoil agus bhí sí ina múinteoir ceoil traidisiúnta le sé bliana anuas. Tá sí i gceannas ar an Roinn Cheoil i gColáiste Oiriall, Muineachán don bhliain acadúil 2016/17.

Tá bunchéim ag Tara Walsh sa Luath agus Nua-Ghaeilge ó Choláiste na Trionóide, BÁC. Bhain sí Céim Mháistir amach sa Cheol agus Stair Chultúrtha ag Coláiste na hOllscoile, Corcaigh agus ina dhiadh sin, rinne sí Dioplóma Gairmiúil san Oideachas Ceoil in Ollscoil Luimnigh. Is múinteoir meánscoile í le ceithre bliana anuas.

Bhain Giollaíosa Ní Mhaonaigh céim amach ó Choláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath in 2015 sa Ghaeilge agus sa stair. I mbliana chríochnaigh sí an Máistir Gairmiúil san Oideachas in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh. Beidh sí mar theagascóir in Ollscoil Montana.

Tá máistreacht sa Nua-Ghaeilge idir lámha faoi láthair ag Tomás Ó Ceallaigh sa gColáiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath. An bhliain seo caite, bhí Tomás ag múineadh Gaeilge  san ollscoil UBO i mBrest, sa bhFrainc agus roimhe sin chaith sé cúig bliana is fiche ag obair mar iriseoir agus léiritheoir teilifíse don chraoltóir náisiúnta in Éirinn, RTÉ. Tá suim faoi leith aige sna hamhráin Ghaeilge agus is breá leis leas a bhaint astu mar mheán teagaisc.

Chuir Jamie Mc Garrigle tús lena éachtaí acadúla nuair a chur sé BA i gcrích i 2012, ag díriú ar an Ghaeilge agus an Ceol. Tar éis do sparánacht a bhaint amach, lean sé le staidéar s’aige i réimse na Gaeilge, tríd an cúrsa iarchéime ‘Scríoh agus Cumarsáid na Gaeilge’, i gCOBÁC sa bhliain 2013. Faoi láthair, tá tráchtas a mhúnlú aige ar ‘An Ceol mar Uirlis i Shealbhú Teanga’ don Mháistir Ghairmiúl san Oideachais in OÉ Gaillimh. Tá Jamie ag obair mar mhúinteoir meánscoile in oiriún leis an Mháistreacht seo, is é an Ghaeilge agus Ceol atá a mhúineadh aige.

Bhain Mr. Pól Ó Sniadhaigh B.A sa Ghaeilge agus sa Tíreolaíocht chomh maith le cáilíocht TEFL amach in 2013. Ina dhiaidh sin bhain sé céim M.A sa Nua-Ghaeilge amach in 2014. Bhain Pól M.A san Oideachas amach in 2017. I measc na bpost a bhí ag Pól, d’oibrigh sé mar theagascóir Ollscoile, dianchúrsaí Gaeilge agus i Scoileanna ar an Meánleibhéal le blianta beaga anuas. Beidh Pól mar Theagascóir in Ollscoil Elms.


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