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Funding to Teach Irish History in the US during 1916 Centenary Year

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Funding to Teach Irish History in the US during 1916 Centenary Year
Comparative courses in Irish History and Native American Studies

4 February  2016: Applications are now open for the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award in Irish History to the University of Montana, Missoula. This Award will be for the 2016-2017 academic year and has an application deadline of 26th February 2016.

The successful candidate will teach an introductory course in Irish History, a second course in the awardee’s area of expertise, and collaborate with Native American studies scholars to develop comparative courses in experience of conquest, colonization and cultural dispossession.

Picture Conor McCabe Photography

Fulbright Awardees Prof. David Fleming & Emma Lowry with Traolach O’Riordain

The Fulbright Commission annually offers awards to Irish and E.U. students, scholars and professionals of all disciplines, to undertake postgraduate study and research in the United States and for Americans to do the same in Ireland.

The University of Montana has been hosting Fulbright Irish Language Teaching Assistants to teach Irish to its growing community of Irish language learners since 2008. Currently 200 students learn Irish at the University. To enhance this existing partnership and as part of their 1916 centenary programme, the Fulbright Commission and the University of Montana are partnering to offer this Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award in Irish History.

The award will comprise a travel grant with a maximum value $1,500, a monthly stipend of maximum $2,200, rent and utilities in a fully furnished apartment, visa administration, accident & emergency insurance, pre-departure orientation programing & in country enrichment programming, along with administration support from the Fulbright Commission.

To be eligible, applicants must possess a PhD in Irish history or studies (preference will be given to a fluent Irish speaker); be an Irish citizen, or E.U. citizen who has lived in the Republic of Ireland for the last three or more years; not be a dual U.S.-Irish citizen, green card holder, or currently living in the US; and not already have extensive experience of studying or living in the U.S.

Applicants must also demonstrate academic and personal excellence, strong leadership skills, and an understanding and commitment to the ethos of being a Fulbrighter.

Please see this webpage for more information on this award and Fulbright Awards in all disciplines.


For further information, please contact:
Emma Loughney
Fulbright Commission, Communications Manager
Emma.loughney@fulbright.ie 087.265.4535 / 01-6607670

Photography from Conor McCabe Photography
info@conormccabe.ie / 085.705.7255

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