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A Record Breaking 40 Irish Recipients Awarded Prestigious Fulbright Award

Tom Healy, appointed Chair of Fulbright Board by US President Obama, welcomes new Awardees

2014-2015 marks pilot year for TechImpact Awards in Digital Technology

Thursday, May 22nd 2014: Tom Healy, Chair of the Fulbright Scholarship Board, officially announced 40 new Irish Fulbright Awardees at an event at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence. Since 1957, the Fulbright Awards are given annually by the Irish and U.S. governments and provide Irish students, scholars, and professionals with the opportunity to study, lecture, and research at top universities and institutions throughout the United States.

2014-2015 Fulbright Awardees

2014-2015 Fulbright Awardees

Mr. Patrick McDermott, Chair of the Fulbright Commission Board, commented: “The breadth and diversity of specialist knowledge, combined with immense leadership ability, makes this contingent an incredibly powerful group of representatives for Ireland. Each individual has overcome a rigorous selection process where research and study objectives were judged based on their potential to drive the Irish knowledge economy.

“However, their mission extends even beyond academia. Fulbrighters are recognized for their capacity to forge meaningful collaborations between Ireland and the US. This element of inter-country collaboration is crucial to driving creativity which is at the core of all innovation and Fulbright itself.

“Recognising global needs in digital technology, the Irish Fulbright Commission has also launched the TechImpact Awards this year. These are new short-term grants intended to facilitate faster movement for cutting edge digital research. This year six TechImpact candidates will explore areas such as optical communications, online laboratory environments, human-computer interaction technology and digital humanities.”

(L-R Front Row) Ruairí McKiernan, Dr. Orla Murphy, Dr. David Monaghan, Dr. Ian McLoughlin. (L-R Back Row) Dr. Jeneen Naji & Dr. Colm Browning

(L-R Front Row) Ruairí McKiernan, Dr. Orla Murphy, Dr. David Monaghan, Dr. Ian McLoughlin. (L-R Back Row) Dr. Jeneen Naji & Dr. Colm Browning

A number of other agencies sponsor Fulbright Awards including CRH plc, Enterprise Ireland, the Marine Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency and Teagasc. The Irish Language Awards for teachers are supported by the Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht and the National Lottery.

Speaking about the diverse nature of the awardees, Ms. Colleen Dube, Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission, added; “Year on year Irish Fulbrighters provide a fascinating insight into the direction of progressive global research. This year we have seen a particular increase in research that crosses traditional academic boundaries as the digital world impacts on everything around it. Fulbright provides a unique platform for Ireland’s brightest scholars to forge ahead in breaking new ground, while collaborating with other world class researchers in making a genuine difference to society.”

Awardees are listed below. The next round of applications for Irish Fulbright Awardees will open on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014. Interested applicants in all disciplines are encouraged to visit the Fulbright Commission’s website, www.fulbright.ie, for more information. All applications for the 2015-2016 academic year will be due on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014.


For further information, please contact:

Pippa Halley

Fulbright Commission

Pippa.halley@fulbright.ie / 087.057.6844 / 01-6607670


Note to Editor:

The Fulbright Awards are presented on an annual basis to Irish students, scholars, and professionals to undertake postgraduate study and research at higher education, cultural, and related institutions in the United States and for Americans to do the same in Ireland. For more information please see www.fulbright.ie.

Photography from Conor McCabe Photography

info@conormccabe.ie / 085.705.7255

Tom Healy

Mr. Healy is a writer and poet. He also teaches at New York University and is currently a visiting professor at the New School. His books include “Animal Spirits,” “What the Right Hand Knows,” which was a finalist for the 2009 L.A. Times Book Prize, and two forthcoming books of essays: “Not Untrue and Not Unkind” and “The Rest of the World: Smart Power and Public Diplomacy.” Healy writes regularly about the Fulbright Program and international affairs for The Huffington Post. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Healy served on President Clinton’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and has worked on AIDS prevention and anti-poverty projects around the world. He served as president of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in the years after 9/11 and was awarded the New York City Arts Award by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2005 for leading rebuilding efforts for the downtown arts community. Healy studied philosophy at Harvard and received his M.F.A. in creative writing from Columbia University

Fulbright Awardees 2014-2015

Dr. Colm Browning is a post-doctoral researcher at the Radio and Optical Communications laboratory in Dublin City University, where he recently completed his Ph.D. Colm will be travelling to Columbia University, New York to undertake research focused on the introduction of high speed optical communication systems to data centres.

Mr. Richard Butler is a Ph.D. candidate in Architectural History at the University of Cambridge. While on his Fulbright Student Award Richard willresearch the history of Irish public architecture from 1800 – 1850s, while collaborating with one of the leading scholars in Irish history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mr. Jay Calvert is a Fulbright-Marine Institute Student Awardee currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Marine Benthic Ecology at the University of Ulster, Coleraine. Jay will investigate geostatistical applications for assessing variation of seabed habitats and commercial stock densities while based at Alaska Pacific University and Northeastern University.

Mr. Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad recently completed an M.A. in Fashion Curation at the University of the Arts, London. While on his Fulbright Student Award at Drexel University, Daniel will explore the use of innovative digital technology within the field of museum curation to enhance communication and accessibility within both the physical and digital exhibition space.

Dr. Gavin Collins is a lecturer in microbiology and European Research Council Fellow at NUI Galway, and a British Science Association Media Fellow at The Irish Times. As a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California Berkeley, Gavin will investigate microbial genomics in bioenergy production and enhanced oil recovery processes.

Dr. Patricia Coughlan is Professor Emerita at the School of English, University College Cork. As a Fulbright Scholar she will be researching the work of Irish-American novelist Elizabeth Cullinan and her cultural contexts at Fordham University.

Dr. Selena Daly is a postdoctoral fellow of the School of History and Archives at University College Dublin. While at the University of California-Santa Barbara as a Fulbright Scholar, Selena will complete the first comprehensive study of the Futurist movement during the First World War, while also teaching a course on Italian literature.

Ms. Treasa De Loughry is a PhD candidate in English literature at University College Dublin. While on her Fulbright-National University of Ireland Student Award at the University of California – Los Angeles, Treasa will undertake research in environmental humanities and explore how contemporary global and postcolonial novels have registered world-systemic crises.

Ms. Claire M. Dunne is a lecturer in Irish in Marino Institute of Education. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Centre for Language and Communication Studies, Trinity College Dublin.  She will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Professor Fidelma Dunne, School of Medicine, NUI Galwayis a Fulbright Scholar Awardee. Fidelma will research alongside Professor Mary D’Alton, Columbia University New York. She will compare and contrast the screening for and clinical outcomes for women with Gestational Diabetes in both states to include a cost benefit analysis.

Ms. Niamh Fox is a PhD candidate in Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin. As a Fulbright Student Awardee, Niamh will conduct research into the optical properties of conjugated polymers with a view to creating new commercially viable sensor devices at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ms. Laura Frey is a Fulbright Student Awardee currently undertaking a PhD in Bio-engineering at Trinity College Dublin. While at the Khademhosseini Lab in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laura will research the effects of incorporation of anti-inflammatory drugs and stem cells into materials on neuronal cell cultures.

Dr. Claire Hamilton is a Lecturer in Criminology in Queen’s University Belfast. As part of her Fulbright-Schuman Scholar Award she will conduct comparative research on counter-terrorism while at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Ms. Marie Hyland is a Fulbright-Schuman Student Awardee. As a PhD candidate in Energy Economics at Trinity College Dublin, Marie will research electricity market design and explore how regulatory changes can facilitate increased levels of renewable energy sources, while at the University of Maryland.

Ms. Clár Johnston works as Legislative and Planning Executive with Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge and holds a degree in Early and Modern Irish from Trinity College. Clár will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

Dr. Felicity Kelliher is a senior lecturer in Management Studies and is co-chair of the Rikon Research Group at the Waterford Institute of Technology. As a Fulbright Scholar, Felicity will examine the role of trust in building rural tourism network engagement, while based at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Ailbhe Kenny is a lecturer in music education at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick. As a Fulbright Scholar, Ailbhe will investigate the potential for pedagogical transformation through musician-teacher partnerships in schools to inform emerging models in Ireland. Ailbhe is hosted by New York University and Teachers College, Columbia University.

Ms. Teresa Lynn is a Fulbright-Enterprise Ireland Awardee currently undertaking a PhD in Computational Linguistics at Dublin City University and Macquarie University, Sydney. While at Saint Louis University, Teresa will research natural language processing techniques for the development of linguistic resources and technology for the Irish language.

Mr Colm Mac Fhionnghaile is an MA candidate in Modern Irish at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Colm will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in the University of Connecticut.

Ms. Roe McDermott holds a Masters in Journalism from Dublin City University. Roe is a sex columnist, features writer and art critic for a number of publications and media platforms in Ireland. As a Fulbright Student Awardee, Roe will undertake a Masters degree in Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University.

Mr. Eoin Mc Evoy is an Irish-language tutor at University College Dublin and the founder of the first German branch of the Gaelic League. He will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at Villanova University, Philadelphia.

Mr. Ruairí McKiernan is a social entrepreneur, a technology-for-change innovator and a Member of the Council of State. As a Fulbright TechImpact Scholar, Ruairí will spend time at the Citizen Engagement Laboratory in Berkeley, California. Ruairí will explore the areas of online civic engagement, digital democracy development and web based citizen activism.

Dr. Ian McLoughlin lectures in Computing and Mathematics at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. As a TechImpact Fulbright Scholar, Ian will travel to Stanford University to research the provision of online laboratory environments.

Dr. David Monaghan is a post-doctoral researcher at the Insight centre for data analytics in Dublin City University. During his Fulbright , as a TechImpact Scholar, David will travel to Arizona State University to research computer gaming technology and its application to physical rehabilitation adherence with particular focus on human computer interaction technology.

Dr. Cal Muckley is a senior lecturer in Banking and Finance at University College Dublin. As the Fulbright-CRH Scholar at Yale University, Cal will be researching the implications of firm risks for asset pricing, while assessing the wider implications for society.

Dr. Emer Mulligan is Head of the School of Business and Economics at NUI Galway. As a Fulbright-CRH Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Emer’s research activities will focus on (i) taxation in practice in US multinational corporations and (ii) US tax policy and administration.

Dr. Enda Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin. As a Fulbright – EPA Scholar Awardee, Enda will focus on the transferability of EU best-practice approaches for strategic noise mapping and mitigation within a US context.

Ms. Julanne Murphy is a secondary school teacher at Ardscoil Rís, Limerick. Julanne will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

Dr Mary C. Murphy is a Fulbright-Schuman Scholar from University College Cork. Mary will be based at George Mason University, Virginia, and will research US processes of Congressional capacity-building. She will determine if such forms of dedicated training for national parliamentarians across Europe can contribute to a more legitimate and democratic EU legislative process.

Dr. Orla Murphy is a Lecturer in the School of English, and in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork. As a Fulbright-TechImpact Scholar, Orla will focus on Digital Cultural Heritage, 3D model creation, immersive, interactive and augmented exhibition environments at Boston College, digitally enhancing access to the Centenary 2016 Celebration of the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement in Boston.

Ms. Niamh Murray is a Fulbright-Teagasc Student Awardee currently undertaking a PhD in Food Science at University College Dublin. While at the University of California – Davis, Niamh will investigate the causes of bitterness in dairy protein hydrolysates.

Dr. Jeneen Naji is the Digital Media Program Coordinator in the Department of Media Studies, in the National University of Ireland Maynooth. As a Fulbright TechImpact Scholar Jeneen will be visiting Brown University’s department of Literary Arts in order to make a multicultural digital poem in their immersive 3D CAVE.

Ms. Síne Nic an Ailí graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in Irish Studies and Spanish, and currently works as a Development Executive with Conradh na Gaeilge. Síne will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in the University of Montana.

Ms Éilis Nic Aodhagáin is an MA candidate in Modern Irish at University College Dublin, where she has worked as a tutor for the past year. She will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at University of Montana.

Ms. Vikki Ní Bhréin graduated from NUIG in 2009 with a degree in Irish and geography. She is a secondary school teacher in Notre Dame School, Churchtown. She will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at Elms College, Chicopee, MA.

Mr. Cian Ó Concubhair is a Fulbright Student Awardee who recently completed his LL.B in Law at Trinity College Dublin. While in the US, Cian will undertake an LL.M at Harvard University specialising in the role of the media and criminal law in democracy.

Mr. Shane ó Ruairc is a secondary school teacher in Coláiste Eoin, Booterstown, Co.Dublin. Shane holds a Masters in Modern Irish History and in Irish Language Journalism and Communications from University College Dublin. Shane will be a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at Drew University and New York University.

Ms. Christine Ryan holds a degree in Law and Irish from University College Cork and an LL.M degree in International Law from University College London. As Fulbright Student Awardee, Christine will undertake a PhD in Judicial Science, specialising in equality law and reproductive rights.

Dr. Caroline Wynne is a Fulbright – EPA Scholar Awardee. While based at Michigan State University, Caroline will conduct research around landscape limnology and scale, in order to better predict the effect of anthropogenic disturbance on ecosystems.

Ms. Alena Yuryna Connolly is a Fulbright-NUI Student Awardee currently undertaking a PhD in Information Systems Security at NUI Galway. While at the University of California – Berkeley, Alena will research socio-cultural measures that promote security-cautious behaviour of employees in organisational settings”


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