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January 23rd, 2013: Sharing Your Fulbright Experience Shannon Chance Shares Some Advice on Blogging about your Fulbright

A Fulbright Award is one of the most important experiences that will happen in your academic career. Dr. Shannon Chance, a current US Fulbright Scholar at the Dublin Institute of Technology, gives some advice on how to share this experience with the world.

Shannon is spending her Fulbright year at DIT and has written a dynamic blog about her experiences, inside and outside the classroom. Ireland by Chance is not just about her life as a researcher and lecturer, but also about the challenges and joys of moving to a new country, meeting new people, and being part of the Fulbright community.

In a four-part series, Shannon has given some tips on blogging about your Fulbright experience and you can check it out here. She writes:

“If you’re determined to do this well, then you might as well learn to enjoy blogging and to see it as a way to document, reflect, and share. Just think: in the end you’ll have a beautiful log of your experiences.”

shannon chance and joanne davidson

Shannon Chance, always the storyteller, with Joanne Davidson

Hopefully Shannon’s advice encourages you to blog about your future Fulbright Award – we look forward to reading it!

For some more Fulbright blogs, please see:

A Year in Ireland by Christine McDonald. Her husband, Scott McDonald, is a Fulbright Scholar at DCU.

From Montague to Galway by Amanda Bernhard and Jonathan Hohl-Kennedy. Amanda is a Fulbright Student at NUI Galway and the blog is in both English and Irish.

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