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January 9th, 2013: New York Fulbrighters attend the IAWA Christmas Salon Fulbrighters attend Christmas Salon at the Irish Consulate-General’s Residence in New York

Several New York-based Fulbrighters, including Ellen McWilliams, Karen Devin, Brian Flanagan, Alice Cowman, and Rhona Carroll, attended the Irish American Writers and Artists’ (IAWA) Christmas Salon at the kind invitation of Consul General of Ireland, Mr. Noel Kilkenny and Mrs. Hanora O’Dea-Kilkenny, on Friday, 7 December 2012 for a wonderful evening of story-telling, singing, music, and poetry at the Consul-General’s residence.

fulbrighters at consul general

Pictured above(left to right): Ellen McWilliams, Karen Devine, Brian Flanagan, Alice Cowman, and Rhona Carroll

The IAWA is an organisation dedicated to the celebration of Irish American writers, actors, musicians, filmmakers, and artists. Sitting among the jam-packed audience of Irish-Americans, the Irish Fulbrighters enjoyed Irish writer Honor Molloy’s reading from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a performance by singer-songwriter Michael Sheahan, a poetry reading by Connie Roberts, winner of the 2010 Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award, and singing by Niamh Hyland from Co. Leitrim.

For more information on the Irish Consultate in New York, please click here.

Author: Dr. Karen Devine

Photo Credit: John McWilliams

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