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December 18th, 2012: Listen to Fulbrighter Daniel Forde Perform Daniel Forde Performs at Emerson College

Daniel Forde is a composer and musician from Dublin with a special interest in song-writing. He is attending Berklee College of Music, Boston to study Jazz Performance and Composition.

Daniel recently performed at Emerson College as part of the “Writing the Film Musical” program. You can listen to a snippet of his performance here.

Below are some photos from the performance.

daniel forde and group

Daniel Forde with Group

daniel forde performing

Daniel Forde Performing (back right)

daniel forde 2

Daniel Forde with Friends

Every year the Fulbright Commission awards grants for students to study in the U.S. in all disciplines, including the arts. If you are interested in a Fulbright Student Award like Daniel’s, please click here for more information.

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